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Eco Challenge Australia 2016

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Curtin University is proud to announce that we are the Australian organiser for participation in the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge.

UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge provides an exciting and authentic learning experience for students in Years 5-12 through the online strategic game, Aqua Republica, to explore issues and solutions relating to water management and sustainable development.

The new approach to Eco Challenge incorporates a more sustained engagement with the principles of water usage across industrial, urban and agricultural systems and the impact upon ecosystems.

Addressing the ACARA Cross-curriculum Priorities of Sustainability, and Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia the experience provides many learning opportunities across Social Studies, Science, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, English, Geography, and more.

After the previous success of Eco Challenge in 2014 and 2015 where more than 80 schools registered via this site and more than 600 Australian teams were registered among nearly 1500 teams globally, we are expecting many more participants in the Australian event.

Previous winning teams have been:
2014: Kent Street Senior High School (also placing the top 15 internationally)
2015: Rossmoyne Senior High School

Feedback from participants of the 2014 event:

"The experience and the learning that went on was incredible. From watching the students helping out with computer issues to the discussion that took place as to the best methods of building a sustainable environment, it was truly brilliant.“ (Australian teacher)

"I had several students explain the game features and what they were trying to achieve to our Sustainability Teacher and that in itself was fantastic. They were so enthusiastic it was a delight to behold." (Australian teacher)

Water is essential for all life as we know it. It's a simple fact that sometimes feels forgotten as political and commercial interests take priority.

In association with UNEP-DHI Centre for Water and Environment, and DHI Serious Games Unit, Curtin is offering the opportunity for Australian schools to engage in this global challenge.

Participation is free and student teams (2 members each team) play to align the demands of government, commerce, health and industry to manage a water supply. The competition is structured in two tiers - national and international. When students play the game they are able to engage in multiple iterations to achieve the optimal outcomes. Teams are ranked nationally and top teams will be acknowledged in the international competition.

In previous years, nations playing have included:

Australia - China - Hong Kong - India - Indonesia - Korea - Mauritius
Malaysia - Philippines - Singapore - Taiwan - Thailand - Vietnam

Competition dates are flexible, and students can play online from anywhere in the world. All participants will receive a certificate acknowledging their involvement, and Curtin has organised an impressive prize pool.

Schools and individual teachers can register now and download an information and support package to start promoting the event at their school.

The Australian gateway to the UNEP-DHI Eco Challenge is organised by Curtin University and led by the Learning Futures team:

Eco Challenge Coordinator: Kim Flintoff

Call for collaborators

Curtin will be looking to partner with educational organisations around the country to develop a series of regional hubs to support teachers and student contestants. Australian teachers, schools or universities interested in collaborating should contact us at