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Curtin University

Strategies and Plans

Strategic Plan - Learning and Teaching

Curtin will:

  • lead in innovative education globally
  • provide a richly interactive and personalised learning experience
  • provide opportunity for graduates, equipping them with skills for the future.

To be the destination of choice for students, Curtin will offer an educational experience that is richly interactive, engaging and fully prepares students for the complex environments in which they will live and work.

Central to this will be a personalised learning experience in which students from diverse backgrounds will learn in ways that suit them best.

Curtin Learning and Teaching Enabling Plan [log in required]

Digital Learning@Curtin Strategy

The Digital Learning@Curtin strategy is based on the eight transformational pillars - Products, Partners, Processes, Pricing, People, Presence, Places and Platforms.

It identifies where digital learning provided by Curtin is currently positioned, sets goals for where Curtin wants to be in 2020 and sets in place actions to achieve those goals.

The purpose of this strategy is to re-imagine the provision of digitally delivered learning focussing on transformed processes, innovative recognised credentialing and the adaptive business models needed to implement change. The scenarios highlight the need for a digitally mature organisation with staff equipped with the necessary skills to lead, create and facilitate digital learning in all modes.

The availability of digitally delivered courses anywhere and anytime also requires the provision of student and staff support services that meet online learners’ expectations of flexible and timely access to those additional services that are a feature of University life and are central to academic success.

Digital Learning@Curtin Strategy [log in required]

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