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ART process

What is ART?

ART (Assessment, Review of Design and Transformed engagement) is the vehicle for CTL to achieve its role in the transforming learning agenda, it is about: improving the quality of Curtin Courses with Faculty colleagues, it is about making the learning experience more engaging and personalised and it is about making learning at Curtin truly international, interactive and immersive.

Why are we doing ART?

We are doing ART to ensure that Curtin courses retain their importance in a global market in the face of competition with other providers, it is to ensure that we maintain high quality course content and it is because we need to ensure that our students leave with the employment, leadership and specialised skills that they need in the global economy.

How are we doing ART?

We are doing ART by using an advanced course review process, by outlining the main aspects of courses that can be transformed and creating a roadmap to get there and through a deep level engagement of activity to make our courses more flexible for new markets through distributed, online and blended provision, more interactive and more personalised through challenge-focused and activity-led pedagogy and more socially and ethically relevant through engagement with Indigenous education, leadership and work integrated skills formation.

Art process assessment transformed engagement review and design

ART Indicators to Transform Learning and Teaching @ Curtin

The indicators linked to this page are intended to help instructors transform learning and teaching at Curtin by providing core ideas for improving Assessment, Review of Design, and Transformed Engagement or ‘ART.’ Through these and other indicators in the ART Process, courses of study are being transformed to ensure that Curtin delivers learning opportunities that are informed and responsive to the needs of industry globally, and ensure that graduates are equipped to succeed. Outcomes of the ART Process will provide students with (A) quality timely feedback, (R) rigorous learning designs that engage people in authentic, culturally relevant, leadership opportunities, and (T) transformative personalised interactions at scale. Following agreement with Deans Learning and Teaching and Heads of School with a priority list of courses, the Curtin Learning and Teaching ‘ART Teams’ will support and work in partnership with Faculties to undergo an agile and rapid process to develop and implement new and newly updated courses. If you are a Curtin instructor, your role in the ART Process is to understand and apply these key ideas in your teaching.