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Online Assessment

Assessment and Student Progression Manual

Teaching and Learning Policy

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The Assessment and Student Progression Manual defines the following types of assessment relevant to the online environment:

An eQuiz is any computer based test where the primary goal is to provide students with practice and feedback on their learning. eQuizzes do not contribute to the overall mark for the unit (refer to description of eTest below).

An eTest refers to a computer based test used to assess the learning outcomes for a unit. eTests conducted at the Assessment Centre (or other supervised setting) are classified as Invigilated eTests, all other examples of eTests are classified as Non-Invigilated eTests. A  Non-Invigilated eTest may contribute to the overall mark for the unit, however each individual eTest can be given a maximum value of 25% and the combined total of all Non-Invigilated eTests in a unit must be no more than 50% of the overall unit mark.

The term Exam or Examination is reserved for formal, supervised assessments used to assess student learning outcomes and comprise at least 30% of the unit mark. Examinations can be scheduled and administered centrally by the Examination Office, or be administered by the School or by Open Universities Australia.

A Blackboard quiz, where the student is able to complete the quiz at home or in any other non supervised environment, is classified as either an eQuiz or as a Non-Invigilated eTest and is subject to the parameters described in the policy. For semester based units Non-Invigilated eTests should generally not be available during the formal examination period.

For staff wanting more information regarding online assessment contact Dr. Connie Price, Curtin Learning and Teaching.

For students needing assistance with booking an eTest contact the Assessment Centre.