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Curtin University


The English Language Proficiency (ELP) Advisor, Rosemarie Fonseka works within Curtin Learning and Teaching’s Course Quality team to supporting the embedding of ELP into the curriculum.

Each faculty and the Centre for Aboriginal Studies has a Faculty English Language Development (FELD) Coordinator who is responsible for discipline-aligned English language development. Their contact details follow:

Centre for Aboriginal Studies: Mindy Oxenburgh
(Tel: 9266 4212, Email:
Curtin Business School: Dr Janine Rutledge
(Tel: 9266 7773, Email:
Health Sciences: Dr Maggie McAlinden
(Tel: 9266 4917, Email:
Humanities: Dr Trish Dooey
(Tel: 9266 1563, Email:
Science and Engineering: Dr Reva Ramiah
(Tel: 9266 7484, Email:

Professional learning

Curtin Learning and Teaching’s Curtin Learning Institute runs workshops on embedding English language proficiency into the curriculum. Please register for these through iPerform.

Online English language modules

If you are interested in learning how the English language works so that you can give more helpful feedback to your students on their use of language, the English Language Proficiency Advisor can enrol you into an online course.


Download journal articles [.pdf 528kB] which may help you to assist your students in developing their English language proficiency.