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Curtin University

Tools for comprehensive course review

Course Portfolio

Curriculum map template



The comprehensive course review commences with the Course Portfolio Tool which captures a 360 degree perspective from key stakeholders including students, recent graduates, employers and industry experts, and benchmarking partnerships. The Course Portfolio includes two surveys: eVALUate Graduate and eVALUate Employer. A third survey, developed through an ALTC-funded project can capture the course teaching team's self-reported capability to assess graduate attributes and employability skills in related professions. The Course Portfolio seeks to address key issues including: How might this course change and why? How can strengths be maintained, and issues addressed?

Curriculum Mapping Tool

The Curriculum Mapping Tool shows all units in the course (the syllabus, learning outcomes and the Graduate Attributes to which they relate, assessment alignment with learning outcomes and the level of thinking they require (using Bloom's taxonomy. The tool provides staff with a visual representation of the types, timing and weighting of assessments across a course and shows how and where the Graduate Attributes are contextualised, embedded and assessed throughout the course.