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Curtin University

Curriculum Management System (Akari)

On Tuesday 15 November the university launched a new Curriculum Management system (Akari). Delivered under the Digital Futures program, this is a significant development for Curtin that provides a single source of quality curriculum information for academics and professional staff.

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The Curriculum Management System (Akari) aims to provide quality assurance on the creation, manipulation and validation of the curriculum being taught, and to assist in the increasingly demanding process of course and unit design and quality assurance.

The scope of the Curriculum Management System Project is to implement a Curriculum Management Solution with the following objectives, to ensure that:

  • University approval process workflows for study packages (courses, majors, minors, streams, units and theses) that meet government reporting and legislative requirements,
  • Approval and re/accreditation practices assures curriculum will be or has been structured, is coherent and meets relevant regulatory and professional standards,
  • Curriculum data are held in a single, accessible and reportable repository progressively.

Curtin University has engaged Akari Software to deliver a Curriculum Management Solution in 2016, by utilising and developing their existing curriculum management software.

How do I access the system?
From 15th November, the link above will be live. Staff login using their staff number and Alesco password. Student representatives from the University and Faculty Courses Committee must get a University Associate account to be able to use the system.


Infrastructure support and issues to do with logging in to the system, including user rights within the system, should be lodged with the CITS Service Desk by emailing or calling ext 9000.

Issues to raise with CITS include:

  • Unable to load site or significant delays
  • Unable to login or significant delays
  • User rights set too low (will be forwarded to systems administrators)

Courses Management will be available for one-to-one support for Teaching Support Coordinators/Officers and other using the Akari curriculum management system. Contact Matthew Rose, Manager of Courses Management for more information (ext 5466) (

Issues to raise with Courses Management include:

  • Help with using the system
  • Checking drafts before submission
  • System configurations
  • User rights and privileges

If you have any questions about the system, or any feedback, please forward them to the Curriculum Management System:

Training and resources

Along with the online training, available through iPerform, other resources such as User Manuals and Systems Administrator Manuals will be made available through this website when they are available.

Online Help will also be made available through this website when the system goes live. You can view training and support materials here.

Business processes from Go Live

  1. The Courses Management team will lead the front end of the workflow approval process, which includes supporting the Unit Coordinators and Teaching Support Officers and Coordinators with entering in the data into AKARI and ensuring all administrative and Compliance areas are addressed and ready for presentation to the Faculty and University Courses Committees as required.
  2. A representative from the Course Administration Team will be include in the invite to attend the Faculty Course Committee meetings so they are able to provide any feedback on potential issues around availabilities etc.
  3. At the end of the approval process the Course Administration Team will input all of the approved data into Student One and ensure the study plan structures, templates and availabilities are correct.

What will we see in 2016?

Release 1 – November 2016

Implementation of a study package approval workflow solution that will manage and automate the workflow associated curriculum management for:

  • Units, Courses, Majors, Minors, Streams and curriculum online, utilising data migrated from Student One and other sources which is then maintained in Akari)
  • Curriculum workflows and approvals, including deactivations and reactivations
  • Process automation and improvement
  • Search, track, retrieval and report capabilities
  • Data flow back to Student One (will be manual in 2016)

Release 2 – December 2016 (TBC)

  • Generation and output of curriculum maps in PDF format
  • Piloting the generation of reports against professional competencies and professional accreditation elements
  • In-built business rules to assist with the completion of the data fields
  • In-system notifications
  • Integration with the Assessment Quality Panel process
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