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Curtin University

The Assessment Centre

From 2017 the Assessment Centre will be under the management of the Faculty of Health Sciences

The Assessment Centre is a 50 seat e-assessment facility currently located in Building 105 on the Bentley campus. The centre hosts Invigilated eTests for designated units.

An eTest is a computer based test, where the student is delivered questions using a web interface and their response is captured by the system. Limited response items such as matching or multiple choice items are automatically marked, open response items are marked online by a marker. In line with the destinctions outlined in the Assessment and Student Progression manual Invigilated eTests have specific measures implemented to reduce potential risks to assessment integrity and security.

Invigilated eTests are typically held over 1-3 days allowing students to be assessed without taking up class time. Our system incorporates a flexible booking system where students choose a booking slot, rather than being grouped by tutoral or class group, allowing students to fit their assessment in to their personal timetable. The efficiency and scalability of this type of assessment is particularly useful for large (200-1000 students) and super large (>1000 students) classes.