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Issue 19: Blog - the student voice

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Blogs began as personal journals or web logs but have evolved over the past few years to become highly sophisticated web spaces that are used not only by individuals, but groups and organisations of all sizes.

Blog vs. Journal

What is the difference between a journal and a blog?

From the instructor perspective, there is not much difference. An instructor can see all of the student contributions to a blog and a journal. The difference is from the student perspective - a student would normally only share their journal entries with their instructor but may share blog entries with their group or their class.

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Learning with blogs

In education, blogs can be used as:

  • A unit journal compiled over the study period with course related reflections;
  • A class portal where students can access supplemental materials, links, videos, podcasts, assessment tasks and other peer/teacher feedback;
  • A knowledge base constructed from individual blogs interrelated with posts and comments;
  • A tool for students to establish their own journals, portfolios and personal reflections for presentation to their teachers and peers.

Additional functions such as tagging allow entries to be categorised, easily located and associated with other entries.

Issue 19 of the PD blog looks at ways to introduce blogs to your students.

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