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Course Review

Comprehensive Course Review

Course Approval and Quality Manual

For further information on Comprehensive Course Review and Annual Course Review see the Course Approval and Quality Manual.

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Annual Course Review Report template


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The purpose of Comprehensive Course Review is to review and analyse the entire academic program for an award; its regulations, structure (its units, major and minor sequences), currency of the curriculum, quality of learning and teaching, relevance of assessment tasks, fieldwork, projects and work experience, and any other aspects which comprise the award course. The major focus is to review the course curriculum map which shows how the learning outcomes and assessments contribute to the achievement of course learning outcomes; to review the level of engagement in learning experiences in all modes and consider student retention and pass rates; and to monitor student perceptions of how all aspects of the course support their achievement of the course learning outcomes. Courses may be reviewed individually or in clusters. A course must undergo Comprehensive Course Review at least once every five years.

Annual Course Review

Annual Course Review monitors and analyses key indicators related to student profile, student demand and the quality of learning and teaching. The major focus is to analyse course performance and identify areas of strength and initiatives for improvement. The Annual Course Review Report template can be accessed here.

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