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Echo360 Personal Capture

Getting ready for the new iLecture system

The new iLecture system is now ready for your use, with full operation beginning on 16 July. View the following blog post and read up on important information you may need to know about the new system.

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Upgrading Personal Capture for EchoSystem


Creating screencasts and welcome videos

Guide for Echo360 PCap v5.4


Showcasing Echo360 Personal Capture

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If you would like to record your presentations in the comfort of your office or at home or any other location, you might consider the Echo360 Personal Capture software (a component of the iLecture service).

Echo360 Personal Capture software (for PC and Mac) enables you to:

  • Capture whatever is on your computer screen (PowerPoint slides, websites, Office documents etc.)
  • Simultaneously record your screen, your voice and web cam images
  • Play back and edit your recordings
  • Publish to iLecture system with the click of a button

Note: Some classroom venues require the use of this software for recording of your iLecture

Screen capture of Personal capture software

Teaching and learning applications

Welcome video - Help build a rapport with your students, record a brief introduction to yourself and the unit.

Weekly summaries - Capture the key messages from the past week, provide constructive feedback to the students and prepare them for the week ahead.

Sequenced mini-lectures - Scaffold information and integrate activities that assist students in developing their own understandings of the content.

Student presentation - Require students to record and upload interviews, reports, skill demonstrations, presentations and theatrical performances. See more on students using PCap.

Guest speaker - Provide students with a recording of a guest speaker and provide guidelines for focussing their attention on key points and potential questions created by the recording.

Screen capture - Demonstrate a specialised piece of software with a step-by-step explanation.

Learning with animation - Design and develop an educational animation and then record it into a video format.

Students using Echo360 PCap

Echo 360 PCap provides an easy and secure platform for student to create and publish their own video media. Students are currently using the Echo360 PCap software on their own computers to record and publish into the iLecture system as well as using the external media import (EMI) function to upload video and audio files that they have recorded on their iPhones and personal video cameras. Schools including Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Education and OUA are now using PCap and EMI for students to submit assessable artefacts.

There are around 70 dedicated "One-Button Studio" installations across campus which in an average semester have enabled students to record and publish over a 1,000 video assignments, reflective practice practicals, interviews, oral and prac exams etc. These venues are mostly dedicated prac environments for capturing interviews, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Nursing and other clinical style recordings, but many of them are not that different from general presentation recording set-ups.

Set up student accounts

Send a spreadsheet to with the student's name, email address and student ID. This will be imported into the iLecture system to create individual accounts and units for each student. A generic staff account will also be created to allow academics to access to their student's recordings.

Students use their Oasis account details to log on to publish recordings using PCap or Echo Media Manger.

How to use Echo360 Personal Capture

The Echo360 Personal Capture guide covers:

  • Installation procedures
  • How to use the software
  • Publishing recordings to the iLecture system

Note: If you don't already have an iLecture unit, you will need to create one via the iLecture Management Tool.

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Download the Software

Many Curtin computers will already have the PCAP software installed, so there will often not be a need to download, install and configure the software.

If required, the Echo360 Personal Capture software can be downloaded from the EchoSystem server. You can access the EchoSystem server using your Curtin login credentials.

You can locate the software installers under the Downloads tab. Separate installers are available for Windows (32 Bit) and Mac OS X. Click the appropriate link to begin downloading the installer.

The Echo360 Personal Capture guide contains instructions on installing and configuring the software.

Note that the Hostname / IP Address for the server is and the Protocol is HTTPS.

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Full screen vs Talking head size

Talking-head webcam setting: smaller size (maximum of 512x384) and fast frame rate (maximum of 25 frames per second) which will give nice smooth motion with good lip-synch.

Screen Recording setting: larger full-screen size (maximum of 1024x768) but at a slower frame rate (5 frames per second) which is best for showing all of the small text and detail in screen recordings.

If you are recording just a single video source (either webcam OR screen recording) the Personal Capture software does not allow you to choose between having your recording optimised for either talking head recordings or screen recordings on an individual basis. You can however, set up your iLecture unit to publish Personal Capture recordings optimised for your preferred format via the iLecture Management Tool. You can change this setting on a recording-by-recording basis if needed.

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