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Using email


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Despite an assortment of new communication modes email is still a preferred method of formal communication for students.

Learning with email

Believe it or not, there are some effective strategies in integrating email to foster learning activities. The Australian Flexible Framework provides a variety of example tools and resources in using email in education.

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As a popular method of communication it is important to follow some basic email etiquette.

Consider your subject description: Check that your subject description is meaningful for both you and the recipients. This will alert readers to the purpose of the communication and make it easier to find and retrieve the message later.

Re-read your message: Ensure the message you have written is clear, free from error and that required attachments are included.

Recipients: Be aware of how you broadcast your message - consider who needs to read it or respond to it. Use Blind copy (Bc) and Carbon copy (Cc) judiciously.

View the complete netiquette guidelines.

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Email meets web 2.0

“If you can email you can create a blog post” this is the catch phrase use to promote their innovative web 2.0 tool. Posterous allow you to post text images, videos and music to your blog. View how to post by email.

Similar functionality is available with other blog tools like

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