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iLecture Guides

Upgrading, Editing and Uploading
Additional Resources


Introduction to iLecture Recording Options

Provides an overview of the iLecture service and the various recording options it encompasses.
View guide [515Kb pdf]

Getting Your iLectures into Blackboard

Everything you need to know about making your iLecture recordings available to students in Blackboard.
View guide [651Kb pdf]

Using the iLecture Management Tool

How to use the iLecture Management Tool to create new units, grant access for staff and make new iLecture bookings.
View guide [345Kb pdf]

What to do in an iLecture-Enabled Venue

Need to know how to use the iLecture-related facilities in teaching venues?
View guide [1.9Mb pdf]

PCAP - Creating Screencasts and Welcome Videos

A guide for creating video-based resources beyond the classroom using the Echo360 Personal Capture software.
View guide (WIN) [3.2Mb pdf]
View guide (MAC) [2.2Mb pdf]

Student Guides to Using iLecture

A guide prepared to assist students with their use of the iLecture service.
Echo360 Mobile Upload [567kb pdf]
Student iLecture Echo360 PCAP (WIN) [666kb pdf]
Student iLecture Echo360 PCAP (MAC) [487kb pdf]
Student iLecture video upload [490kb pdf]

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Editing and Uploading

Upgrading Personal Capture for EchoSystem

How to upgrade Echo360 PCAP on personal computers.
View guide [821Kb pdf]

Uploading Audio and Video Files to iLecture

With the iLecture system you can also upload existing audio and video files created using other media software and devices.
View guide [277Kb pdf]

Editing your iLecture recordings

Provides instructions for using the EchoSystem web editor to remove segments from your recordings or extract segments to save as new recordings.
View guide

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Additional Resources

Monitor student use of iLecture recordings

How to use the EchoCenter to see how your students are using the iLecture recordings.
View guide

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Read about the copyright and intellectual property considerations related to using the iLecture service.
View guide [125Kb pdf]

Innovative Learning Applications for iLecture

Get to know more about what other people are doing with the iLecture system.
View guide [3Mb pdf]

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