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Issue 2: Get flexible with iLectures

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Using online lectures to support active learning - Case study

This case study examines how technology can be used to support an active learning strategy within face-to-face Chemistry classes. Both in-class polling software and online lectures are used as part of a comprehensive teaching strategy, designed to enable students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

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The iLecture system provides the university with audio-visual recording and live webcasting capabilities suitable for capturing live lectures, seminars, student practicals and assignments, oral and prac exams and for the preparation of pre-recorded teaching material.

The iLecture system captures up to 300 or more recordings per day during semester with over 30,000 recordings captured each year and heading towards 3 million recordings streamed and downloaded annually. Of this, two-thirds of recordings are scheduled recordings captured automatically in one of the 150+ iLecture-equipped venues across all campuses.

A third of recordings are made by staff and students recording content, practical sessions or assignments in their office, at home or in one of the 60+ specialized iLecture recording venues in schools such as Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Nursing, Pharmacy and others.  

Summary of iLecture Features

Recording capabilities Equipment types
  • Automatic recording in 150+ venues
  • Capture audio
  • Capture video camera and screen
  • Capture Dual-Screen in multi-projector venues
  • Capture document camera
  • Pause & Resume recording
  • Live Webcasting in over 150 venues
  • Text chat Live Webcast backchannel for local and remote audience responses
Publish and Share capabilities

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