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Curtin University

Guide to Using OLAS

Download the complete Guide to OLAS

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Download Guide to OLAS - PDF

What is OLAS?

OLAS (Online Learning Administration System) is used to administer Blackboard units. In summary it allows you to.

Accessing OLAS

There are two ways to access OLAS:

Option 1: Log in to Blackboard via OASIS [] then select the Blackboard banner to access Blackboard:

Blackboard tab graphic
Once in Blackboard, select the OLAS tab.


Option 2: Go directly to and log in using your Curtin Network Credentials.

OLAS home page

After logging into OLAS with your Curtin credentials the Welcome page appears.


  1. Side Navigation Menu: this will be constant across all OLAS Pages.  Details of what each link provides are outlined in this document.

  2. OLAS Guide: A direct link to this is document is found on the OLAS home page and the side navigation menu.

  3. Unit View Option: If you are a Unit Coordinator for any Units, you can view them by selecting [All], which shows all Units, or choose to view them alphabetically.

OLAS Units

  1. Sorting Option: You are able to sort units by all fields.

  2. Unit Listing: All Units for which you are the Unit Coordinator are listed.  To retrieve Unit information, click on the Unit link.

You can return to the OLAS Home page at any time but selecting OLAS Home from the left hand menu:


OLAS navigation controls

When using OLAS, please use the << Back or Next >> buttons at the bottom of each page, rather than the “forward” or “back” functions in your browser.

Most navigation is done from the Unit Management Console. To access the Unit Management Console please click the Unit you are managing from the list of units on your Home page. The left side of the Unit Details screen is where the Unit Management Console is located.

OLAS unit coordinator role

If you create a Unit in OLAS you become the Unit Coordinator for that Unit.
Unit Coordinators can see Units in OLAS for which they are responsible.
They provide administrative functions for their Units.

 They may:

Manage the Unit with the options to:

  • Change Availabilities
  • Show / Hide the Unit in Blackboard
  • Change the Alternate Unit Title
  • Change Availability Start/End Dates
  • Delete the Unit

Manage Staff Users with the options to:

  • Add/Edit/Remove Staff Users
  • Change the Unit Coordinator

Manage Students with the options to:

  • View/Manage Student Enrolments
  • Extend Student Access

The Unit Coordinator role can be changed at any time using the Manage Staff Users > Change the Unit Coordinator function.

Important Note

There may only be ONE Unit Coordinator per Unit.