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Create a New Unit

Creating a teaching or non-teaching unit

OLAS supports the delivery of both teaching icon Teaching and non-teaching icon Non-teaching units. The steps in creating each of these units are slightly different.

teaching icon A "Teaching Unit" is an "official" Curtin unit as listed in the University "Courses Handbook".  A Teaching Unit will usually ascribe a grade against a student record in Student One.

The unit will have a specific Unit code and one or more availabilities as defined by study period, location and mode of study. Students are automatically enrolled into the unit if they are enrolled in the unit through Student One. This is an automatic background process that is dependent on the Unit code.

The unit will have a single "owning" Faculty and School/Department.

The purpose of the unit is to provide an online teaching presence for an "official" Curtin Unit.

non-teaching icon The purpose of a Non Teaching unit may vary considerably across Faculties. Typical examples might include:

  • Research units (e.g. to provide questionnaires/information for non-Curtin respondents)
  • Development areas for staff to build skills in online teaching
  • Training environments for staff/students
  • Information dissemination forums for a wide cross-section of a Faculty (e.g. a cross-year discussion/mentoring environment for first, second and third year students within a discipline)

The unit will not have a specific unit code, but may be associated with Course codes, one or more Unit codes and "availabilities". Students are enrolled into the Unit either automatically via the associated Unit/Course codes, by uploading of a student list or by manually adding individual students. The Unit will have a single "owning" Faculty and School/Department.

For steps on how to create a new unit, click on the relevant link below.

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