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Using Quizzes, Tests and Surveys


Blackboard guide

Please note that within a unit Blackboard refers to "test" as the assesment tool where you can create a quiz or test for your studnets.

Please familiarise yourself with the current assessment terminology in Curtins' Assessment and student progression manual.

The ability to provide a self-marking quiz or survey for your students is a powerful way to reinforce learning, while assessing knowledge and understanding. Students like formative quizzes as it gives them an opportunity to check where they are in their understanding.

Question types

There are17 different types of questions that can be used within the Blackboard quiz toolset including calculated formula, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, hot spot, matching and others. Most are self-marking, however the essay or file response require a lecturer to look at assign marks. Questions can also include an image, an attached file or link to a web page.

Question presentation

Questions can be displayed in a sequence or randomly from a pool of questions. Creating a pool of 30 questions for a 10-question quiz reduces the likelihood of being presented with the same question on multiple attempts. It is possible to choose how many question are displayed at one time, students are presented with navigation links to pages and questions to follow. Navigating backwards can be restricted.

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Summative tests (eTest)

Summative tests provide an assessment option that adds variety to the assessment mix. Students often feel less threatened by these online tests. Summative tests can be an integral part of the learning and assessment process.

If you use a test as a summative assessment, Blackboard can create a column for the scores in the grade centre. You can choose what feedback you give the students ranging from just their score, what answers they submitted, and what the correct answers are. You can also give different feedback depending on if the students got the question correct or incorrect, and provide direction for further study.

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Formative quizzes (eQuiz)

When using formative quizzes, students can be allowed multiple attempts, something that many of them use to see if they have improved, or to get those questions they missed in the last attempt!

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Timed tests

A time limit can be set so all students have the same time given to complete the quiz, teaching them valuable time management skills.

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Conduct a survey

The survey manager allows you to survey your students and the tool itself will collate most of the responses for you. A good way to get feedback from your students on their understanding of recently covered material, or your teaching techniques. The survey manager within Blackboard contains exactly the same questions as the test toolset.

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Quizzes are not examination tools

For more information please see Online assessment.