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How do I access the Grade Center?

You can access the Grade Center from your Blackboard unit via the Control Panel located under the left hand menu. From here click Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre.

Screen capture of the Grade Center in Blackboard

Blackboard - Student One process and support model

Professional Learning

"Managing Grades in Blackboard" sessions are run at the start of each semester. Check the professional learning calendar for details.

If you are unable to attend these sessions, or are located off-campus, you can access the slides and recording of the session via the links below.

Using the Blackboard Grade Center

The Assessment and Student Progression Manual (2013) specifies the following requirements for assessing student work:

  • assessments, particularly assignments, to be submitted electronically to Blackboard where a text-based or electronic artefact is available to facilitate electronic marking workflows such that marks are recorded in the Blackboard Grade Centre (BbGC) as a direct consequence of the marking process (recorded contemporaneously) wherever possible
  • marks for ALL summative assessment tasks to be entered into the Grade Centre, each assessment task should have a separate column
  • the Final mark column to be a cumulative total linked to the columns containing the marks for each of the summative assessment tasks
  • ANY change to a mark (after initial entry) to be accompanied by a rationale for the change recorded in the Grade Centre in the Instructor's Comment field
  • changes to marks to be monitored by the Unit Coordinator (or by the Co-assessor if the Unit Coordinator is the sole marker for the assessment task)
  • assessment task marks and feedback to be returned to students securely using the MyGrades function drawing the mark from the appropriate column in the Grade Centre

All units are required to use the Blackboard to Student One Final Mark and Final Grade extraction process for the reporting of unit results to Student One prior to the Board of Examiner’s (BOE) meeting.

Effective management of these workflows requires proficient use of Grade Centre functionality. The following downloadable guides are provided to Curtin staff to assist with this process.

  1. How to set up the Grade Center

    When setting up the Grade Center at the start of the study period, you need to ensure that you have added a Final Mark and Final Grade column to your unit. You also need to make sure that you are drawing the correct data into your Final Mark column.

Adding Final Mark and Final Grade columns

When you create a new Blackboard site you need to add the Final Mark and Final Grade columns to your Grade Center.


Editing the Final Mark column

If you already have a Final Mark column in your Grade Center, you will need to edit it to ensure that the correct data is being drawn into this column.


Final Mark calculations for co-taught units with different assessment weightings

In some instances a single Blackboard site is used to deliver material to two or more cohorts of students enrolled in separate units (different SPK). This may happen if an Undergrad unit is behing cotaught with a Post Grad unit.

This generally means that there are different assessment tasks for each cohort, with potentially different weightings.

Find out how to set up your Final Mark column if you are co-teaching multiple cohorts with different assessments.


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  1. How to enter marks

    Marks can be added to the column in the Grade Centre in a number of different ways. For assessment tasks that use one of Blackboard's assessment tools (assignment, test, blog/wiki) or an assessment tool that is integrated with the Blackboard (Turnitin GradeMark) the mark will be transferred to the Grade Centre automatically as part of the marking process. For assessment tasks that occur outside of the learning management system (in-class tests, lab reports, presentations, exams etc) marks will need to be uploaded (from a file containing marks for multiple students) or entered manually for each student.

    Marks for each assessment task should be entered during the marking process or immediately after.

Enter marks

How to enter marks into the Grade Center.


Enter the Final Grade

The Final Grade is a text based placeholder grade that communicates to the BOE the outcome for each student. Each entry must be entered manually. The result entered must be an interim grade acceptable for use prior to Board of Examiners (Pass = 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; other outcomes: GNS, F, F-IN and Pass or Fail for P/F units).


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  1. How to change marks

    On occasion you may need to adjust student marks. Find out how to do this and how to add a comment detailing any changes made to the Grade Center.

    The Unit Coordinator should monitor changes to marks (where the Unit Coordinator is the sole marker the Co-Assessor should monitor changes to marks).

Change marks and add a comment

Marks may need to be changed due to a variety of reasons. When changing marks, staff should always enter notes into the 'Grading Notes' section indicating why the marks have changed.


Apply a late penalty

How to apply a late penalty for an assessment task.


Exempt a mark

Sometimes a student is exempt from an assessment due to a previous attempt or recognition of prior learning. Find out how to calculate the student's Final Mark.


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  1. Housekeeping and Troubleshooting

    Additional tipsheets are provided below to assist with general housekeeping tasks and troubleshooting.

Archive the Grade Center

Download a copy of your grade center marks as a spreadsheet.


View the Grade History

Access the Grade History report to see changes made to the Grade Center.



A number of issues and workarounds have been compiled into the tipsheet below.

If you experience any problems with your Grade Center, please request support by submitting a help request.


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  1. Policy and Procedure FAQs

Policy related Questions

The UC is responsible for all assessment results for all students enrolled in the unit and for the integrity of these results. These responsibilities covers all results related activities including:

  • ensuring that all student work is marked
  • ensuring that assessment task marks are entered into BbGC as part of the grading process and, where this is not possible, they are entered as soon as possible after the mark has been determined
  • monitoring the marking and BbGC mark entry tasks delegated to other staff
  • monitoring all changes to assessment task marks (after initial entry)
  • ensuring that the Final Mark column is correctly setup to draw results from assessment tasks
  • entering the Final Grade for each student is correct prior to extraction to Student One
  • ensuring that Final Grade and Final Mark values are available by the BbGC extraction deadline
The UC is responsible for ensuring that a Co-assessor is assigned for the unit and monitors the BbGC activity for all assessment tasks and end of semester (study period) results.

Where the UC is the only staff member entering or changing marks in the BbGC (sole marker), the Co-assessor is responsible for monitoring all changes to assessment task marks or changes to Final Mark or Final Grade.

The UC can delegate the task of marking student work to other teaching staff working in the unit including sessional tutors. The marking process includes the activity of entering the student's mark into BbGC. This may occur automatically as a direct result of the marking process when using assessment tools integrated with Blackboard (e.g. Bb rubric tool, GradeMark) or manually via the View Grade Detail or View Attempt functions of the Grade Centre.

For assessment tasks that occur outside of the learning management system (e.g. oral presentations, in-class or lab tests, examinations) the entry of results or uploading of results from a spreadsheet may be delegated to a Teaching Support Officer (TSO) or other staff member with access to BbGC.

The task of setting up the BbGC, including columns and column relationships, can be delegated to a TSO or other staff member.

The co-assessor (co-examiner) is responsible (is association with the UC) for ensuring the integrity of student results within the unit. This includes monitoring results related activity for each assessment task and for final results. This includes monitoring the entry of results with particular focus on changes to marks.

Where the UC is the sole marker (the only staff member entering or changing marks in the BbGC), the Co-assessor takes on the role and higher level of scrutiny normally implemented by the UC when the unit involves multiple markers. In particular, all changes to assessment task marks or changes to Final Mark or Final Grade should be monitored.

Procedure related Questions

Where ever it is practicle to do so fully electronic marking workflows should be used such that the results are entered as a direct result of the marking process. Examples of electronic marking workflows include the use of Blackboard rubrics, GradeMark and automatically marked Blackboard eTests.

If the assessment task is performed outside of the LMS (e.g. in-class presentation, lab test, exam) the results should be recorded in BbGC as soon as possible.

Results can be entered as a direct consequence of the marking process if electronic workflows and appropriate tools are used (e.g. Blackboard rubrics, GradeMark). Alternatively results can either be entered into the appropriate cell in the BbGC or uploaded from a file.

If the results have been entered into an Excel spreadsheet the results should be uploaded to BbGC in order to reduce transcription errors. The file must meet certain formatting requirements to be correctly uploaded to BbGC. These are described in the working off line video. The task of uploading result files can be delegated, but it is the UC's responsibility to ensure the results in BbGC are correct.

The Final Mark is calculated automatically from the assessment task columns as long as these have been correctly linked.

The Final Grade must be manually entered. This is the Unit Coordinator's recommendation to the Board of Examiners regarding the individual student's progress. In most instances the student has met the requirements and the Final Grade is simply a truncation of the Final Mark, for example a mark of 62 is truncated to a grade of 6. Where the student has not met, or has not yet met the requirements a valid Pre-BOE grade must be entered. These are GNS, F, F-IN only (Pass or Fail are valid for pass/fail units).

The entry of marks should not be delayed for moderation activity.

A post-marking moderation decisions that require a change of an individual student or group of student marks should be dealt with as a change of result including the recording of the reason for the change.

This procedure ensures that the grade history is correctly captured and the various decisions can be reviewed.

The extraction process is timed in relation to the published end of study period date for each study period. Extraction begins 14 days before the end of study period date and continues for 5 weeks, ending 21 days after the end of study period date.

During the extraction period results are extracted from BbGC four times per day (4am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm).

Only results that have a Final Grade entered will be extracted.

Invalid combinations of Final Grade and Final mark will fail to be imported into Student One.

Results will continue to be extracted from Blackboard and imported to Student One up until the point where the results have been ratified by the Board of Examiners. Any further changes to results in Blackboard after this date will not be transferred to Student One, a change of grade request must be lodged.

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