Teaching and Learning Forum 95 [ Contents ]

A focus on learning

Laurie Summers
Educational Development Unit
Edith Cowan University
These papers represent the proceedings of the fourth Teaching and Learning Forum conducted in Perth from February 7-9, 1995. Curtin University hosted the first two Forums and we at Edith Cowan University the third and fourth. In 1996 the honour (and the hard work) transfers to Murdoch.

The Forum's objectives were:

We believe that these were achieved.

This set of proceedings is not organised around a set of sub themes, but rather is presented in alphabetical order with outlines of workshops and short presentations taking their place alongside research papers - as was the case at the Forum.


Though there were no delineated sub-themes it soon became obvious that the focus on learning that was to be the hub of the Forum would lead the participants to consider such issues as: Accordingly the Keynote speakers were carefully selected as people who had expertise and insight in this area.

Phil Candy is professor and director of the Academic Staff development Unit at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. In his research, Phil has investigated primarily the theoretical and conceptual aspects of adult education and constructivist approaches to research and teaching. His published works include a book Self-direction for lifelong learning. Recently he was the Principal Investigator for a Higher Education Council project on Developing Lifelong Learners Through Undergraduate Education.

Gus Pennington is Professional Adviser for academic staff development at the UK Universities' and Colleges' Staff Development Agency and, until recently, he was Head of the Educational Development Service at the University of Teesside. He is a national Quality auditor with the Higher Education Quality Council and has been closely associated with the national training scheme for Quality Assessment of Teaching in UK Universities. Both activities bring him into contact with academics in their teaching role and reflect a long standing interest in effective classroom practice.

A synopsis of their addresses to the Forum is presented prior to the alphabetical listing of papers, short presentations and workshops.

I would personally like to officially recognise the efforts of Rhondda Tilbrook of the Educational Development Unit whose assistance and organisational skills were much appreciated and certainly contributed to the success of the Forum.

Laurie Summers
Head, Educational Development Unit

Edith Cowan University
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