Teaching and Learning Forum 96 [ Contents ]


Jacqui Abbott and Lesley Willcoxson
Academic Services Unit
Murdoch University

Teaching and Learning Within and Across Disciplines

Since Curtin University of Technology initiated the first Teaching Learning Forum in 1992, the Forum has provided for academic staff from Western Australian (and a few interstate) universities a unique opportunity to engage in focussed discussion and exchange of ideas about teaching and learning.

The 1996 Teaching Learning Forum continues this tradition by again providing a venue and stimulus for enthusiastic and insightful discussion of teaching and learning issues, but it also represents a break with past practice. In 1996 the standard conference paper format that has characterised previous Forums has been replaced by demonstrations of actual teaching activities (demonstration sessions) and sessions devoted to discussion of questions arising from papers rather than discussion of the papers themselves (dilemma sessions). The Forum has also been expanded to incorporate a regional workshop sponsored by the Committee for the Advancement of University Teaching.

It is difficult to capture on paper the excitement and challenge engendered by the interactive nature of activities such as those mentioned above. Nevertheless, readers seeking stimulating discussion of or answers to some of the dilemmas commonly encountered in teaching and learning should benefit from the papers contained in this volume and those hunting for new teaching ideas or to revitalise their own teaching practices will undoubtedly find useful the papers submitted in support of the teaching demonstrations.

The theme of the Forum - Teaching and Learning within and across Disciplines - and the request that papers submitted be relevant to a range of disciplines has generally resulted in ideas and discussion of wide applicability. For this reason it has been considered inappropriate to organise papers in the volume either thematically or on the basis of discipline focus - papers are instead organised alphabetically on the basis of the author names.

Please cite as: Abbott, J. and Willcoxson, L. (1996). Preface. In Abbott, J. and Willcoxson, L. (Eds), Teaching and Learning Within and Across Disciplines, p5. Proceedings of the 5th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, Murdoch University, February 1996. Perth: Murdoch University. http://lsn.curtin.edu.au/tlf/tlf1996/preface.html

Web publishing for TL Forum 96

Some suggestion and examples for "reprinting" journal and conference papers on a web server are given under: For creating the TL Forum 96 html and gif files, I used the following software, on a Macintosh SE 30 (for html authoring) and LC 630 (for uploading and reviewing finished files), plus some use of a Windows 95 PC (for spot checks on readability):
  1. Browsers: Netscape 1.1 and 2.0 for Macintosh (main), Netscape 2 and 3 for Windows and Microsoft Internet Explorer (for spot checks).
  2. Editor: Word 5.1 for Macintosh (after extraction of graphics, if any, I saved in text only, and inserted all html tags manually - I did not use any html authoring tools for TL Forum 96 files).
  3. GIF Convertor for creating gif files (usually by pasting a Word 5.1 picture), and Transparency for conversion to a transparent gif.
  4. Fetch for Macintosh, for uploading files to the host cleo.

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