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How can we teach students how to learn?

Julienne Miller, Helen Spafford-Jacob and Kathleen Chindarsi
The University of Western Australia
Teaching students how to learn is a critical, but often overlooked, responsibility of academia. Should we just expect students to figure it out along the way? Yes, sometimes. But other times we must step in and share the skills we have learned to enable students to do the sorts of things we have done (and still do). Skilled educators provide students with training in how to learn in addition to the course information. How does a teacher resolve the several conflicts that arise when attempting to teach students how to learn?

Teaching students how to learn will be influenced by a number of factors including:

Learning how to learn involves more than just how to do research and find information. It also includes such things as how to glean relevant information, how to study, how to cope with the stresses of tertiary education, and comprehending one's personal learning style.

In this session the discussion will focus on issues such as:

Contact person: Julienne Miller, Information Management and Marketing, The University of Western Australia. jmiller@ecel.uwa.edu.au

Presentation format: Dilemmas in teaching or teaching/learning research

Please cite as: Miller, J., Spafford-Jacob, H. and Chindarsi, K. (2002). How can we teach students how to learn? In Focusing on the Student. Proceedings of the 11th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 5-6 February 2002. Perth: Edith Cowan University. http://lsn.curtin.edu.au/tlf/tlf2002/abstracts/miller-abs.html

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