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Focusing on the Student

Proceedings Contents: Refereed full papers
This page links to full text in PDF, for papers that authors submitted for post-Forum refereeing [Welcome and Preface] to obtain classification in the DEST category "Conference publication", detailed under [Higher Education Research
Data Collection
]. Web mounting of successful submissions occurred in July 2002 in PDF format at an Edith Cowan University website, but as these were lost some years ago, in April 2014 the papers were remounted in the TL Forum Proceedings collection [TLF Proceedings].

Richard K. Ladyshewsky and John Ryan Reciprocal peer coaching as a strategy for the development of leadership and management competency 1-8 [PDF]
Geoffrey Crockett and Vasanthi Peter Peer assessment and team work as a professional skill in a second year economics unit 9-22 [PDF]
Donella Caspersz, J. Skene and M. Wu 'Team Members That Bring You Down Dead' The Antecedents of Student Willingness to Participate in Team Projects 23-30 [PDF]
Sally Male, William Lawrance and Sally Flintoff Support schemes for first year computing students and electrical and computer engineering students at Curtin University of Technology 31-36 [PDF]
Georgina Fyfe Building Reflective Practice into Student Learning 37-42 [PDF]
Gail D.Chittleborough, David F. Treagust and Mauro Mocerino Constraints to the development of first year university chemistry students' mental models of chemical phenomena 43-50 [PDF]
David Coall Student use of a self-paced, interactive, computer-based learning resource in human biology 51-58 [PDF]
Bonnie Thomas Multimedia and the Acquisition of French: Expanding the Horizons of Language Learning 59-64 [PDF]
Hélène Jaccomard 'Is There a Metaphor in this Class?': Teaching Advanced Students of French how to become critical users of the Internet 65-72 [PDF]
Peter R. Davis Literature review from reviewing literature 73-78 [PDF]
Sue Colyer and Julie Howell Beyond the shoe box: Developing an ePortfolio for Leisure Sciences students 79-86 [PDF]
Jeanne Dawson and Grace Conti-Bekkers Supporting International Students' Transition to University 87-94 [PDF]
Helen Spafford Jacob, Robyn Honey and Catherine Jordan Getting the most out of sequential teaching 95-102 [PDF]
Rochelle Llewelyn Nicholls Active lab-based learning in the biological sciences: First-year Anatomy 103-108 [PDF]
Ian W. Gaynor and Stephen R. Kessell The challenge of providing a truly flexible and totally online postgraduate program 109-116 [PDF]
Alison Bunker and Iris Vardi Practical tips for successful online teaching 117-124 [PDF]
Shelda Debowski Modelling and feedback: Providing constructive guidance through a web medium 125-132 [PDF]
Beverley Oliver and Fiona Wright The next big thing? Exploiting channels and handheld computers for student learning 133-136 [PDF]
Martijntje M. Kulski, Daniel Boase-Jelinek, Stephen Quinton and Vikki Pedalina Strategic support for online teaching and learning 137-142 [PDF]
Suzanne Ho Encouraging on-line participation? 143-152 [PDF]
Elliot Wood A dilemma beyond discussion – Increasing student interaction in external study modes 153-158 [PDF]
Elizabeth Santhanam Congruence of teaching, learning, assessment and evaluation 159-166 [PDF]
Maria Northcote, Linda Marshall and Max Lenoy Theory, practice and reflection: The value of integrated learning systems from four different perspectives 167-174 [PDF]
Trudi Cooper and Judy Kulisa Expanding the horizons of university learning through quality management: A comparison of the effects of different evaluative methods on curriculum and accountability 175-182 [PDF]
Kathleen Chindarsi, Helen Spafford Jacob and Julienne Miller How can we teach students how to learn? 183-188 [PDF]

Please cite as: TL Forum (2002). Focusing on the Student. Proceedings of the 11th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 5-6 February 2002. Perth: Edith Cowan University. http://ctl.curtin.edu.au/events/conferences/tlf/tlf2002/contents.html

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