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Focusing on the Student

Proceedings Contents: Refereed full papers
The Welcome and Preface text provided below was published in July 2002 on an Edith Cowan University website in PDF format, but as that website was lost some years ago, in May 2014 the papers were remounted in the TL Forum Proceedings collection [TLF Proceedings].


This publication of selected papers addressing the 11th Annual Teaching and Learning Forum theme of Focusing on the Student provides an overview of the issues facing staff and students in higher education in Australia.

The articles chosen for this post-forum publication provide innovative ideas that bring the student into focus as lecturers consider ways to improve students' learning and experiences in higher education. With the advent of Higher Education at the Crossroads by federal minister Brendan Nelson, it is evident that both staff and students alike will face new challenges.

I thank the authors for their participation in the forum and for their enthusiasm to take up the challenge to focus on the student in higher education.

Linda McLain
Professional Development @Learning Development Services
Edith Cowan University
July 2002


The 11th Annual Teaching and Learning Forum for Western Australian Universities was held on the Mount Lawley Campus of ECU (Edith Cowan University) on the 5th and 6th of February 2002. The theme, "Focusing on the Student", was chosen to highlight students' central position in quality learning and teaching outcomes. Participants were invited to present their ideas as roundtables, dilemmas in teaching and learning, posters or demonstrations of teaching. Conference abstracts can be viewed on-line at http://ctl.curtin.edu.au/events/conferences/tlf/tlf2002/contents.html.

This is the third year in which a reviewed publication has been produced and we have followed a similar process to that in previous years. Participants were invited to submit their papers for peer review after the forum to allow authors to re-work their papers in the light of discussions at the forum. Full papers were then submitted to a double blind peer-reviewing process where the papers were assessed according to a number of criteria including relevance to conference theme, importance, applicability, innovation, and breadth of perspective. The standard was very high: of the 49 papers submitted for consideration, 24 were recommended for publication in this book. We are very grateful to the reviewers for their constructive feedback and we trust that the authors of these papers also appreciated the feedback provided. The reviewers are listed at the end of this preface.

Given the conference theme, we have chosen to begin this publication with papers that include a strong and direct student voice. These papers tend to be case studies where the authors reflect on what students have to say in a specific learning context. This publication ends with several papers that are more overarching in their scope in that they consider more theoretical and/or institutional perspectives on students' learning. Not all the papers report on research; some papers are included because they provide useful literature reviews.

We would like to thank, on behalf of all conference participants, the numerous people behind the scenes who gave their time and expertise in the various stages of planning and hosting this conference. As editors, we are particularly grateful for the financial and administrative support from Learning and Development Services @ ECU that has made this publication possible.

Alison Bunker and Geoff Swan
Edith Cowan University


Craig Baird
Tony Herrington
Colin Beasley
Tina Kulski
Penny Lee
Owen Hicks
Monica Leggett
Maria Northcote
Jeanne Dawson
Rick Ladyshewsky
Beverley Oliver
Sato Juniper
Ron Oliver
Alex Radloff
Ross Albon
Irene Styles
Heather Sparrow
Alan Goody
Ian Gaynor
Bridget Leggett
Iris Vardi
Rod Ellis
Bonnie Thomas
Sally Male
Shelda Debowski
Sue Colyer
Trudi Cooper
Eileen Thompson
Kathleen Chindarsi
Salim Siddiqui
Wendy Davis
Elliot Wood
Georgina Fyfe
Geoffrey Crockett
David Coall
Jennifer Mills
Helene Jaccomard
Helen Spafford Jacob
Donella Casperez
Teh Seng Thiam
Werner Soontiens
Beena Giridharan
Ian Morris
Jill Ivory

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