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Training program for research higher degree students

Hugh Kearns and Fran Banytis
Staff Development and Training Unit, Flinders University, Adelaide
A successful innovation has been introduced to Flinders University to equip doctoral candidates with knowledge of sufficient depth to complete their doctoral programs and begin professional practice. Changes to government funding patterns and a greater focus on research have bought about a need to provide extended training and development activities for the University's 850 research higher degree students. A pilot program to enhance research skills and provide support for students was introduced in March 2002. Outcomes of the program include increased student confidence in completion in the required time scale, collaboration between different schools and departments, and improved research skills. This new program, developed by general staff members in conjunction with an academic reference group, is contributing to the development of research higher degree students and has been evaluated by the students as extremely successful.

During the year, students have attended workshops presented by academic and general staff members from across the campus and by external experts, on topics as varied as conducting focus groups to overcoming statistics phobia. Amongst the most popular sessions have been computer literacy training and software applications, but a great emphasis is placed on skills to assist with personal management. Coordinated by the Staff Development and Training Unit, the program has called upon staff from a range of areas from within the University to lend their expertise.

The program aims to ensure:

In this session details of this program and its outcomes will be presented in poster format and discussed.
Please cite as: Kearns, H. and Banytis, F. (2003). Training program for research higher degree students. In Partners in Learning. Proceedings of the 12th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 11-12 February 2003. Perth: Edith Cowan University. http://lsn.curtin.edu.au/tlf/tlf2003/abstracts/kearns2-abs.html

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