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Teaching portfolios: Two views, multiple agendas

Monica Leggett
School of Natural Sciences, Edith Cowan University
Alison Bunker
Learning and Development Services Centre, Edith Cowan University
Teaching portfolios are described in the literature both in terms of the artefact produced and in terms of the processes used to generate the portfolio. When the artefact is described, terms such as 'factual description of strengths and accomplishments' or 'compilation of information about a lecturer' or 'summary of activities and accomplishments' are used. The process aspects, however, focus on reflection, self expression and self evaluation.

For some staff within the tertiary sector, teaching portfolios are seen as an excellent vehicle that lecturers can use to demonstrate that most elusive of accomplishments, good teaching. Other staff place them in the quality assurance context and talk about lecturers demonstrating strengths, identifying weaknesses and improving practice. However, many lecturers see them largely as yet another task competing for limited time and resources.

Are teaching portfolios, like Janus, gaining the status of gatekeeper? Do they have two faces looking in different directions? This session will tease out some of the competing agendas, conflicting emotions and contradictory instructions surrounding teaching portfolios. The initial ideas for the presentation emerged from an email discussion between the authors about a draft policy document on teaching portfolios.

Please cite as: Leggett, M. and Bunker, A. (2003). Teaching portfolios: Two views, multiple agendas. In Partners in Learning. Proceedings of the 12th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 11-12 February 2003. Perth: Edith Cowan University. http://lsn.curtin.edu.au/tlf/tlf2003/abstracts/leggett-abs.html

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