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Enriched curriculum teaching practice

Bev Yardley and Bruce Haynes
Edith Cowan University
Professional teaching practice has, in the past, been viewed as the opportunity for universities to provide their teacher education students with the opportunity to complete a component of their course and then return to university to continue their degree until the next time they are placed in schools.

Edith Cowan University has implemented an Enriched Curriculum Teaching Practice in the second year of its Bachelor of Education (Primary) Program with students in schools for 10 hours over a period of 10 weeks. These students are involved in programs that schools have developed to provide enriched experiences based on the needs of their children. Schools participating in this practice undertake to place these students in their school for their first formal teaching practice later in the year.

Schools and student teachers have responded very positively to this experience, seeing it as an opportunity to meet the needs of children, teacher education students, schools and universities.

Please cite as: Yardley, B. and Haynes, B. (2003). Enriched curriculum teaching practice. In Partners in Learning. Proceedings of the 12th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 11-12 February 2003. Perth: Edith Cowan University. http://lsn.curtin.edu.au/tlf/tlf2003/abstracts/yardley-abs.html

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