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Experience of Learning

Proceedings Contents: Refereed papers

This page links to refereed papers accepted in accordance with [Review criteria], in one of the categories

  1. Research - academic research papers with clear strengths in creativity, originality, and increasing humanity's stock of knowledge. Accepted papers are eligible for the DEST research category "Conference publication" as detailed under [Higher Education Research Data Collection]
  2. Professional practice - academic papers with clear strengths in creativity, leadership and excellence in professional practice, demonstrated in teaching, staff development, program or institutional development, educational media or services developments, or learning skills services. Being grounded in best practice rather than new knowledge, accepted papers are not eligible for the DEST research category "Conference publication".
The TL Forum 2006 Committee acknowledges with gratitude the work of our reviewers [Review Panel]
Additional information about the review process outcomes is given in the Editorial.

Papers are listed in alpha order by first author
Category of

Loraine AbernethieAuthentic assessment as a neo-liberal technology of governmentResearch
Peter Ashford and Anthony MillsEvaluating the effectiveness of construction site visits as a learning experience for undergraduate students enrolled in a built environment courseResearch
Britta BienenImplementation of computer programs in civil engineering tutorialsProfessional
Lisa Cluett and Judy SkeneMore than the sum of its parts: Provision of Learning and Academic Skills services through a centralised modelProfessional
Tanya Dalziell and Lorraine SimSmARTS communities and virtual learningResearch
John Davis, Peter Devereux, Brad Pettitt and Dora MarinovaEmbracing the "swamp": A reflective pedagogical approach for interdisciplinary practitionersProfessional
Khoa Do and Adelyn SiewREC[Research, Experience, Capture]: A study tour of self-directed explorationProfessional
Patricia DooeyIdentifying the listening and speaking needs of international studentsResearch
Jaya Earnest and Rekha KoulAssessing teachers' perceptions of health education in East TimorResearch
Liezel Frick and Chris KappFuture trends in continuing professional development for natural science lecturers in higher education: Survival of the fittest in the academic jungleProfessional
Scott Gardner, Andrew Blevins and Terry TaylorCo-creating professional knowledge through learning partnerships: The WA Police-Edith Cowan University, ASPIRE Officer Development ProgramProfessional
Andrew GuilfoylePeers, family, community, supervisors and governance: A review of key sites for supporting international postgraduate students' transitional learning experiencesResearch
Peter Hutton and Jo PluskeUniversity units specialising in scientific communication are valuable for teaching generic skillsProfessional
Jan Kent, Alan O'Neil and Nicki PageImproving tertiary teaching: An online approach to professional developmentProfessional
Rekha Koul and Darrell FisherStudents' perceptions of teachers' interpersonal behaviour and identifying exemplary teachersResearch
Richard K. LadyshewskyDelivering on outcomes based education in a graduate school of business through the use of strategic learning driversResearch
Yamin Ma and Sandra SaundersA case study of the effectiveness of WebCT as a student-learning tool and platform for structured assessmentProfessional
Dora MarinovaAcademic productivity of Australian academics and higher degree research students: What can we learn from the factsResearch
Jo Pluske and Trevor HolmesIncentives for adopting teaching initiatives in scienceProfessional
Shelleyann Scott and Tomayess IssaLessons learned from using students' feedback to inform academic teaching practiceResearch
Goce Simonoski and Peter DellHelping or hindering: Students' use of collaborative technology in group projectsResearch
Bonnie ThomasImproving the experience of learning: Supporting ex-beginners' language students in mixed level classesProfessional
Patricia Williams and Andrew WoodwardAligning academic perceptions of what constitutes a 'graduate' with university graduate attributesProfessional

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