Design, develop, evaluate: The core of the learning environment
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Thursday 7 February 2013

8.30-9.00Registration (Learning Link Building)
Coffee/tea (Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre)
9.00-10.20Plenary Session (Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre)
Forum opening: Professor Ann Capling, DVC (Academic), Murdoch University
Keynote address: Emeritus Professor Alan Robson, Developing a standards framework for higher education
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10.30-10.55Morning tea (Learning Link Building)
session 1
LL 1.002/3 LL 1.004 LL 1.005 LL 2.002/3 LL 2.004/5 EH 1.001 EH 1.003
11.00-11.25 Patrick Vu
The rise of online education and its impact on international student inflow to Australian universities
Dorothy Spiller & Trudy Harris
Learning from evaluations: Probing the reality
Sally Male & Dawn Bennett
Engineering students' identities and motivation
Rob Phillips, Kate Makowiecka et al
Embedding Open Education at universities: Issues to resolve
Frank Bate & Carole Steketee
Implementation of a hybrid mobile web learning environment in the health professions
Catherine Ferguson & Lisa Duffy

Attributes of quality teachers in higher education: Developing a new taxonomy
David Tripp

Improving teaching and learning through action learning
11.30-11.55 Christopher Barrett-Lennard
Teacher perspectives on international students and international education
Rashmi Watson
Engaging and supporting academic staff with teaching
Ahmed El-Mowafy, Michael Kuhn & Tony Snow
A blended learning approach in higher education: A case study from surveying education
Stephanie Gilkes
Taking the broader view of student outcomes: Lessons from VET sector evaluation
Jill Darby & Anne Polley
VoxPops: Innovative teaching tools to engage health science students
12.00-12.25 Ellen McGuckin
The value of international experiences for medical students as perceived by medical students and clinical staff
Vaille Dawson & Marianne McLaughlin
Developing educational research skills in early career academics
Ranjna Kapoor
Promoting student engagement with feedback for report writing in first year engineering
Angus Morrison-Saunders & Julia Hobson
Subject centred learning enables effective tertiary teaching
Susan Edgar
How do we engage male learners in higher education?
Paul Alexander, Carmela Briguglio, Steve Johnson, Jane Pearce et al

Embedding communication and literacy in the curriculum
Shannon Johnston, Silvia Dewiyanti, Martin Hill, Rob Phillips & Sue Stoney

Is the captured lecture the death of good, innovative, flexible pedagogical practice?
12.30-12.55 Michael Stein
Supervising international student group projects in Asia: Towards intercultural engagement
Teh Eng Choo (Elaine) & Megan Paull
Reducing the prevalence of plagiarism: A model for staff, students and universities
(Cancellation) Roslyn (Rose) Carnes
Getting things "white": The need for non-Indigenous cultural self awareness
Hayley Goullée & Kimberley Roehrig
Guided conversations: A new online teaching module brings cancer education to a greater cohort of learners
1.00-1.55Lunch (Learning Link Building)
HERDSA WA Annual General Meeting (LL 1.005)
session 2
LL 1.002/3 LL 1.004 LL 1.005 LL 2.002/3 LL 2.004/5 EH 1.001 EH 1.003
2.00-2.25 Raphael Pereira
Developing and evaluating a voluntary peer learning support program: A case study
Sonia Ferns, Calvin Smith & Leoni Russell
Development of employability capability across a degree program
Yu Dong & Anthony Lucey
Relationships between student satisfaction and assessment grades in first year engineering
Ken Robinson & Jacqui Patten
E-portfolios and transformative learning
Ray Fells & Shannon Johnston
Reflecting on a new educational approach to developing reflection in action in a Masters unit
Robert Kennelly & Lee Partridge

Making time at Teaching and Learning Forum 2013 to TATAL (talk about teaching and learning)
Ramon Wenzel
The MOOC disruption: What are massive open online courses and why you should care?
2.30-2.55 Joanne Castelli, Nancy Longnecker & Mzamose Gondwe
Using peer feedback as part of the first year student experience
Rowena H. Scott & Eddie van Etten
Environmental and conservation volunteering as workplace integrated learning
Tushar Kanti Sen
Industry visit beneficial for student's learning in Process Instrumentation and Control unit
Dawn Bennett & John Freeman
Portfolios, protean careers and the theatre: Preparing for diversity
Zarinah Hamid, Mior Nasir & Mior Nazri
The inclination of ICT students towards entrepreneurship
Clare Alderson
Online quizzes
3.00-3.25 Rhonda Oliver, Debra Bennell & J. Rochecouste
Transition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students into higher education
Nicki Mitchell, Maggie Triska et al
Increasing environmental engagement through the use of a citizen science program
Sally Male & Robin King
Enhancing industry engagement in engineering degrees
Abigail Lewis
Speech pathology students' responses to e-portfolios
Catherine Archer & Katharina Wolf
Guiding an invisible team: A first hand insight into virtual leadership

Rhondda Tilbrook
Does the unit development process work?
3.30-3.55Afternoon tea (Learning Link Building)
session 3
LL 1.002/3 LL 1.004 LL 1.005 LL 2.002/3 LL 2.004/5 EH 1.001 EH 1.003
4.00-4.25 Katie Dunworth, Helen Drury, C. Kralik et al
Student English language development in Australia’s universities
Sandra Hesterman & Dani Boase-Jelinek
Designing, developing and evaluating authentic online educational assessment
Kim Scott, D. Bessarab, M. Kickett et al
Indigenous and non-Indigenous health educators as inter-cultural leaders
Alexandra Ludewig & Iris Ludewig-Rohwer
Does web based role play establish a high quality learning environment?
Kim Flintoff, Jacqui Kelly, Judy Schrape & Kuki Singh
Engaging students with learning technologies: A reflection on the process
Chris Creagh

"Work it out": Novice to expert: Multiple representations
Dorothy Spiller & Trudy Harris

Making it real: Pathways from student evaluations to professional development
4.30-4.55 Gemma Clarke, Khulile Dlamini & Jocelyn Robinson
Post enrolment language assessment: Six years of experience
Lisa Bell
Using problem based scenarios to help bridge the gap between theory and praxis in pre-service teacher preparation
Michelle Carey & Michael Prince
Redesigning Australian Indigenous Studies at Murdoch University: Keeping it relevant
Sharon Delmege & Lauren O'Mahony
Creativity and curriculum design
Hui Jun Chih
Reflecting on postgraduate students' reflective comments for effective unit design and delivery
5.00-5.25 Carmela Briguglio & Shalini Watson
Embedding English language development across the curriculum
Gregory S.C. Hine
The importance of action research in teacher education programs
Leah Irving & Julie Hoffman
Location based augmented reality: Towards Indigenous cultural sustainability
Siobhan Finn
Teaching language and culture through film

Elizabeth Johnson
Changing the game: The ACDS National Centre for Teaching and Learning for Science and Mathematics

5.30Sundowner and book launch (Club Murdoch)

Friday 8 February 2013

8.30-9.00Registration (Learning Link Building)
Coffee/tea (Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre)
9.00-9.50Plenary Session (Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre)
Keynote Speaker: Professor Herb Marsh, Student evaluations of university teaching: Recommendations for policy and practice
session 4
LL 1.002/3 LL 1.004 LL 1.005 LL 2.002/3 LL 2.004/5 EH 1.001 EH 1.003
10.00-10.25 Rob Phillips, Clare McLaren & John Dakin
Principles and standards for modern learning space design
Mark Israel
What is the point? Building careers after a National Teaching Award
Fernando F. Padró & Anita Frederiks
Evaluating the impact of the learning centre on student learning and satisfaction
Denise Chalmers, Rick Cummings, Sue Stoney et al
Professionalisation of the academic workforce
Alison Jaquet & Elaine Lopes
Broadening participation: Fairer pathways to UWA?
Peter Allen, A. Lourenco, et al
Data fabrication and falsification in undergraduate psychology honours
David Lamb
Student engagement: What is it and how well are we doing it?
10.30-10.55Morning tea (Learning Link Building)
11.00-11.25 Lynne Roberts, L. Breen & M. Symes
Teaching computer assisted qualitative data analysis to a large cohort of students
Jenni Parker, Dorit Maor & Jan Herrington
Under the hood: How an authentic online course was designed, delivered and evaluated
Keith McNaught & Gerard Hoyne
Testing program reveals deficient mathematics for health science students commencing university
Alistair Campbell & Christine Loverin
The third cycle of live group performance assessment and feedback using expert markers and iPads
Katharina Wolf & Catherine Archer
The key to productive online collaboration: Students' perspective on effective teamwork tools
Grant Harris
ACODE benchmarks ARMS Module
Chantel L Burchill & Jan Meyer
Using Microsoft PowerPoint beyond developing a series of lectures
11.30-11.55 Jenna Mead & Tracy Frayne
The developing narrative of the BPhil (Hons) online Centre for Undergraduate Research
Natalie Skead & Kate Bondett
Storytelling, the student experience and a smart phone
Sue Fyfe, Georgina Fyfe, Jan Meyer et al
Formative and summative assessment in Human Biology: Reflecting on test performance
(Cancellation) Gemma Clarke, K. Georgiou & E. Ibrahim
Embedding communication skills in two first year business units: The lecturers' perspective

Joginder Kaur Gill & Zed Rengel
Designing an online lecture in the discipline of soil science
12.05-12.55 Plenary Session (Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre)
Panel discussion:
1.00-1.55Lunch (Learning Link Building)
session 5
LL 1.002/3 LL 1.004 LL 1.005 LL 2.002/3 LL 2.004/5 EH 1.001 EH 1.003
2.00-2.25 Iris Vardi
The impact of feedback on students' written assignments
Katharina Wolf & Catherine Archer
Managing ambiguity: A critical reflection on a truly global learning experience
Sarah Etherington
Looking beyond the laboratory: Encouraging a global perspective in a content driven biology unit
Daniel Boase-Jelinek, Jenni Parker & Jan Herrington
Peer reviews: What can we learn from our students?
Mark Drechsler
Moodle Analytics: Past, present and future
Ann Kosovich, Dimity Wehr & Raelene Tifflin

Reflecting on the academic in the flipped classroom space
Sid Nair, Beatrice Tucker, Christina Ballantyne & David Collings

The nuts and bolts of evaluations: A practitioners perception
2.30-2.55 Sandra E Carr, Zarrin Seema Siddiqu, et al
Enhancing feedback for students across a health sciences faculty
Carmela de Maio, A. Desierto & A. Dodo-Balu
Supporting students in a foundation unit through embedding sessions and workshops
Daniel Oswald, S. Hinckley & G. Wild
Low cost educational video for first year undergraduate students using oscilloscopes
Phil Hancock, G. Dale-Jones & K. Willey
Impact of collaborative peer and self assessment on students' judgment and communication
Coralie Rendalls
Weaving a teaching and learning tapestry: Using the power of the humble hyperlink in Moodle
3.00-3.25 Alexander Dawson & Antonia Girardi
The impact of academic instructor feedback on self and peer evaluation perceptions: Student evaluations
Roselynn Lang & Keith McNaught
Embedding reflective writing in a Business Internship unit
Manjula Sharma, W. Rifkin et al
Action learning projects to build leadership capacity and communities of practice
Ahmed El-Mowafy
Evaluation of peer assessment of fieldwork as an assessment and learning method
Nancy Longnecker, Joanne Castelli & Mzamose Gondwe
Is lecture attendance and participation in large first year classes a lost cause?
Steve Klomp & Megan Paull

Involving our peers in developing our teaching

Keith McNaught & Jane Mangano
Addressing the implications of students' inaccurate perceptions of skill levels
Kimberley Roehrig, Tim Inglis & Wendy Erber
Training scientists for 21st century careers
Catherine Moore & Susan Teather
Engaging students in peer review: Feedback as learning
David Holloway & Donell Holloway
Massive open online courses: A real threat to university learning and teaching?
4.00-5.00Afternoon tea (LL 1.002/3)
Forum evaluation, prize draws and invitation to TLF 2014 at The University of Western Australia

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