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Thursday 30 January 2014

8.45-10.25Plenary Session, Theatre: Chair - Winthrop Professor Denise Chalmers, Director, Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, The University of Western Australia
Forum opening: Winthrop Professor Alec Cameron, Acting Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor/Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), University of Western Australia
Welcome to Country: Ingrid Cumming, CEO Kart Koort Wiern
Keynote address: Professor James Arvanitakis, University of Western Sydney - From lecturing to teaching like a pirate: Engaging students as active citizens
Sponsor's address: Muthana Kubba, Professional Services Consultant, eXplorance
10.30-10.55Morning tea
session 1
Theatre Case Study
Room 3
Formal Dining
Room 1
Room 2
Banquet Hall
11.00-11.25 Sid Nair
Theory and practice: Student perceptions of teaching
Margaret Potter & Fiona Lake
Promoting engagement among health professionals ...
Robert Ellis & Richard Hewison
The pathway experience: A practical approach to academic and language skills ...
Lynne D. Roberts
What constitutes 'good' supervision for course work dissertations? Student and supervisor perspectives
Esther E. Matemba & Natalie Lloyd
Internationalisation of professional engineers: A challenge for engineering educators
Manjula Sharma, Will Rifkin, Marjan Zadnik, et al
Leadership development lesson ... from the SaMnet experience
55 minute Workshop
Miriam Sullivan

An evidence-based guide to designing lecture slides
11.30-11.55 Kate Offer
Using web-based polling in lectures to facilitate student engagement
Carol Piercey
Collaboration between the community and tertiary nurse education in bridging the gap
[Refereed papers]
Michael Stein
The AUSAid Introductory Academic Program (IAP): Reflections of a facilitator
Jeff Yeoman & Meg Rosse
Transforming the thesis writing experience for postgraduate coursework students
Christine Daymon & Lindy Norris
Disparate pedagogies and how to negotiate difference
Rashmi Watson
Leadership in teaching: Coaching for success
12.00-12.25 Ranjna Kapoor, Nicoleta Maynard, et al
Fine-tuning of a first year engineering foundations unit raises student satisfaction
Michelle Appleton, Theresa Charrois & Susan White
A quest to motivate: The impact of engaging pharmacy students ...
Khulile Dlamini
Compulsory English language support program: The student perspective
David Lamb
Teaching research students to be more critically reflective in documenting their research experience ...
Michele Aucock & Andres Merino
Failure is not an option: The academic journey of an aspiring chartered accountant
Troy Hendrickson
Vicarious learning will only get you so far: Learning leadership by doing leadership
55 minute Workshop

Madeleine Mattarozzi Laming

Engaging first year students from diverse backgrounds in learning
12.30-12.55 Muthana Kubba
Best practices for boosting response rates for course evaluations and surveys
Sharon Maresse
Evolution of resilience in transition to medical radiations professional practice: ...
Renuka Devi Pathmasuntharam
Testing... Testing... 1 2 3: Video recording to enhance students' oral presentation experience
Lynne D. Roberts, Mara E. Blosfelds & Natalie Gasson
Working towards the development of honours pedagogy: ...
Kim Flintoff, Peter Mellow, Kerensa Pickett Clark
Digital curation: Opportunities for learning, teaching, research and PD
[Refereed papers]
Andrew Cotterell & Linley Lord
Engaging tomorrow's leaders: Student leadership development at Curtin
[Refereed papers]
HERDSA WA Annual General Meeting
session 2
Theatre Case Study
Room 3
Formal Dining
Room 1
Room 2
Banquet Hall
2.00-2.25 Jordan Goetze
Student course evaluation impacting changes in delivery mode
Zaza Lyons
Impact of the UWA Year 4 Psychiatry rotation on medical students' attitudes to psychiatry
John Morgan
Delivering a beginner astronomy MOOC
Natalie Lloyd & Reva Ramiah
Transforming engineering communication
Sonia Ferns
Assessing the impact of work integrated learning on student work-readiness
Trevor Cullen, Stephen Tanner, Marcus O'Donnell, et al
Industry needs and tertiary journalism education ...
[Refereed papers]
Pirmin Riedmann, John R. Venable, Vanessa Chang, et al
RIVALE: Realistic Immersive Virtual Agent based Learning
2.30-2.55 Niki Hynes
Increasing engagement in online learning
Vivienne Travlos, Tony Ryan & Anne-Marie Hill
Facilitating physiotherapy students' confidence ...
Matthew W. Fraser
Can 'citizen-science' style projects increase student motivation in environmental science units?
Christine Symons & Kerry Valentine
A how-to guide for increasing student engagement in language and literacy support
Dell Dennis & Khoa Do
The DNA of an innovative, engaging and transformative learning model ...
Leanne McRae
Teaching in an age of ubiquitous computing: A decelerated curriculum
Callan Rose
Badges: An emerging concept for recognising and rewarding learning
3.00-3.25 Eleanor Sandry
Improving lecture engagement: Online's relationship with face-to-face? It's complicated
Olivia Gallagher, Rosemary Saunders, Karen Tambree, et al
Nursing student experiences of death and dying ...
[Refereed papers]
Chris Creagh
Work-It-Out: The OLT Fellowship
Heather Pate, Alex Rassau, Ganesh Arulampalam and Julia Wexler
Engineers, writing and the real world: Using an e-portfolio system to ...
Abigail Lewis, Joanne MacDonald & Brooke Sanderson
Evaluating the effectiveness of training WIL supervisors
Trudi Cooper & Rebecca Scriven
Harnessing digital potential: A curriculum approach to the use of digital learning
Karen Clark-Burg, Peter Carr & Benjamin Hay
Social media and mobile technology
3.30-3.55Afternoon tea
session 3
Theatre Case Study
Room 3
Formal Dining
Room 1
Room 2
Banquet Hall
4.00-4.25 Angela Jones & Rebecca Bennett
Dissolving the online offline divide: Re-conceptualising space in higher education ...
[Refereed papers]
Margaret Potter & Fiona Lake
The impact of a blended learning approach to delivery of a train-the-trainer program
Hui Jun Chih
Transforming teaching and learning in biostatistics: A simulated classroom scaffolding initiative
Reva Ramiah
The language and discipline content equation: Which 20% of the content are we going to leave out
Rob Phillips
Designing exemplary units across a common first year: Experiences from Curtin
Angus Morrison-Saunders
Reflections on subject centred learning, writing skills, research methods and spirituality ...
[Refereed papers]
Susan Edgar
Understanding the factors influencing student motivation and engagement
4.30-4.55 Gillian Colclough, Melissa Davis, Pat Halloran, et al
Shoring up the bastions: The lived experience of teaching academics ...
Sue White, Robynne Snell, Jill Sherriff & Victor Chuang
Implementation of an inter-professional learning workshop ...
Michelle Appleton, Vaille Dawson, Ahmed El Mowafy, et al
Transforming pedagogy from passive to active in science ...
Joanne G. Lisciandro & Gael Gibbs
Developing a science and numeracy education module as part of a wider curriculum ...
Lee Partridge, Phil Hancock, Andrew Walker, et al
Rethinking the role(s) of the student in academia ...
Peta White
Walking my talk as an intentional, embodied, (co)constructed environmental educator
Alison Kirkman
Enhancing student learning by targeting the brain
Kristy Tomlinson & Alexandria Jones
Interprofessional practice in action: Practical strategies for initiating ...
Ahmed El-Mowafy
Improving students' engagement in active learning of surveying
Jo Hawkins
Reclaiming digital literacies in the history classroom: Can online publishing help bridge the knowledge gap ...
Audrey J. Geste
Instructional strategies that foster educational resilience: A holistic approach to student engagement
Ainslie Robinson
What next if there's no nexus?
Torsten Reiners, Hanna Teräs, Vanessa Chang, et al
Dying is an important learning experience in a simulation
[Refereed papers]
UWA Postgraduate Teaching Internship Scheme: Certificate Awards.

Friday 31 January 2014

8.45-9.55Plenary Session, Theatre:
   Panel Discussion:
Transform, innovate and engage in new higher education environments
   Facilitator: Winthrop Professor Denise Chalmers, Director, Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, The University of Western Australia
   Panelists: Professor Andrew Taggart, Professor Colleen Hayward, Mr Malcolm Fialho and Professor Sara de Freitas
session 4
Theatre Case Study
Room 3
Formal Dining
Room 1
Room 2
Banquet Hall
10.00-10.25 Denise Chalmers, Rick Cummings, Sofia Elliott, et al
Australian university teaching criteria and standards framework
Sonia Ferns, Megan le Clus & Anna Lichtenberg
Building partnerships to enhance graduate employability ...
Helen Wildy & Elaine Chapman
Researching tertiary pedagogy: Cross-faculty collaboration
Jocelyn Robinson
Engaging staff in the academic integrity and plagiarism process
Chris Lund, Trevor Pryor, Philip Jennings, et al
Renewing the sustainable energy curriculum: ...
Dawn Bennett & Rachel Robertson
Creating 'professional writers' through the use of e-portfolios
Sarah Veitch & Karin Strehlow
When language fails: Bringing services together to help tutors support ??? students
10.30-10.55 Grady Venville
Designing postgraduate coursework around the AQF: Challenges and proposed solutions
Rob Phillips, Val Morey, Sharon Davies et al
Belonging and becoming: Engaging, supporting and transforming education
Raphael Pereira
Peer review of teaching: Collegial support to develop instructional skills
[Refereed papers]
Jeya Chandra Malar Jayaprakash
Impact of academic integrity sessions at orientation: A case study
Sally Male, Robin King, Sarah-Ann Fry and Katherine Nguyen
Enhancing industry engagement in engineering degrees
Shannon Johnston, Silvia Dewiyanti & Astrid Davine
Flipping the educating: The case for an e-portfolio system
Steven Schilizzi & Clare Alderson
Getting the best student-unit fit
11.00-11.25Morning tea
session 5
Theatre Case Study
Room 3
Formal Dining
Room 1
Room 2
Banquet Hall
11.30-11.55 [Cancellation] Bev Ewens, Lesley Andrew, Rowena Scott
Everything in moderation: The implementation of a quality initiative
[Refereed papers]
Andres Merino & Michele Aucock
The role modelling of self regulated learning strategies and skills through enrichment ...
[Refereed papers]
Bonnie Thomas & Sabine Kuuse
Transforming and engaging students through peer learning
Cesar Ortega-Sanchez
Enriching the university experience with extracurricular activities: Curtin Robotics Club
Dawn Bennett, Jennifer Rowley, Diana Blom, et al
Who am I and what evidence do I have? E-portfolios in music ...
Jane Gibberd & David Rowbottom
The need to transform exams: Why do exams fail even when students pass?
12.00-12.25 Kuki Singh, Romana Martin, Kim Flintoff et al
Transforming hearts and minds: Teaching in 21st Century learning spaces
Gael Gibbs
Dialogue by design: Creating a dialogic feedback cycle using assessment rubrics
[Refereed papers]
Carmela Briguglio, Christine Symons, Shalini Watson et al
Innovative teaching to develop students' critical analysis skills ...
Fernando Porta
Beyond the digital divide: Using a video and adopting a cooperative strategy in classes of Italian ...
[Cancellation] Anne Polley & Jill Darby
Creating an employability 'footprint': E-portfolio case studies in health sciences
Melissa Davis, Pat Halloran, Gillian Colclough, et al
What do we need to know about transforming assessment?
12.30-12.55 Helen Wildy & Ye'elah Berman
Using movies to reflect on tertiary pedagogy: UWA Education Futures project
Fiona O'Shea & Julie Hill
Using an LMS (Moodle) to provide support for casual teaching staff

Karin Vogt, Alexandra Ludewig, et al
First encounters in videoconference supported foreign language learning
Qi Fang
Teaching non-sciences science at university: A case study of engaging students in physics
Jacqueline Patten
E-portfolio innovation: Transforming evidence into hard outcomes
Mara Blosfelds & Natalie Gasson
The relationship between cognitive style and assessment feedback preferences
session 6
Theatre Case Study
Room 3
Formal Dining
Room 1
Room 2
Banquet Hall
2.00-2.25 Gregory S.C. Hine & Shane D. Lavery
The importance of action research in teacher education programs
[Refereed papers]
Shu-Ming Koh
UniReady AT RISK Program: Strategies to support and retain online enabling students
Susan Main & Alistair Campbell
Performance, assessment and communication in one app: ...
Lee Partridge, Sally Sandover & Wayne McGowan
Same, same but different: A case study of high achieving ...
Dino Spagnoli, Tristan Clemons & Bob Bucat
Student motivations and attitudes in first year chemistry at UWA
Jennifer Rodger, Andrew Garrett & Nancy Longnecker
Effectiveness of peer review
55 minute Workshop

Natalie Lloyd, Reva Ramiah & Donna Butorac

Transforming communication workshop
2.30-2.55 Audrey J. Geste & Jennifer Collins
The transformative effect of international comparative teaching experiences
Mel Henry, Julie Ann Pooley & Maryam Omari
Student motivations for studying online: A qualitative study
[Refereed papers]
Connie Price
Drivers and barriers to the adoption of electronic management of assessment
Shannon Johnston, Wade Jarvis & Tracy Frayne
A flipped classroom design for meeting the needs of non-standard students
Sally Male, Dawn Bennett, Nicoleta Maynard, et al
Engaging in an inter-university undergraduate research group
Marilyn Bennet-Chambers & Danielle Dye
Specialised or generic? Formative feedback for a practical-based unit
3.00-3.25 Rachel Sheffield & Leonie McIlvenny
Exploring the boundaries of science inquiry, sustainability and ICT
Clare Lloyd
Mobilising student engagement: App use in higher education
Helen Flavell, Connie Price & Courtenay Harris
Developing academic agility for engaging with learning technologies ...
Sue Bailey, Antonia Hendrick & Bernie Sherlock
Innovation in a time of training: Future proofing through placements
Cesar Ortega-Sanchez & Clive Maynard
The Crazy Machine project: A case study in problem-based learning
Zarrin S Siddiqui
Assessment zone: Bringing students out of comfort zone
55 minute Workshop

Katrina Strampel, Susan Main & Ruth Sibson

Scaffolding the learning journey: Designing e-portfolio assessment items across a course
3.30-3.55 Bethany Andersson & Ann Beveridge
Traps with apps
Ali Fardinpour & Torsten Reiners
BEHAVE Taxonomy: Facilitating the action based learning assessment in virtual training
Dawn Bennett, Michelle Johnston, Bonita Mason, et al
Indigenous cultural awareness through critical service learning: ...
Joanne M. Castelli, Martha Ludwig, Paul V. Attwood et al
A laboratory program for future scientists, not master chefs

4.00-5.00Afternoon tea
Forum evaluation, prize draws and invitation to TLF 2015 at The University of Western Australia

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