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Thursday 28 January 2016

Coffee/tea: Building 210 Elizabeth Jolly Lecture Theatre Foyer
8.45-10.25Plenary Session, Building 210 Elizabeth Jolly Lecture Theatre
Introduction: Associate Professor Tania Broadley Welcome to Country:
Forum opening:
Keynote address: Professor Kerri-Lee Krause: Universities in the 21st century: What are we really purveying?
10.30-10.55Morning tea: Building 501, Level 2
session 1
Room 101 Room 102 Room 116 Room 117/118 Room 201 Room 202 Room 218
11.00-11.25 Kim Flintoff & Leah Irving
Games and gamification for university outreach
Andrew Cotterell, Linley Lord & Catherine Gresham
A map for contextualising and participating in an international study
Sally Male, Caroline Baillie, Phil Hancock, Cara MacNish & Jeremy Leggoe
Drivers and barriers to intensive mode teaching
Meriel Griffiths
Addressing academic 'culture shock': Bridging the distance with international students
55 minute Workshop

Alejandra Speziali & Mary Boyce

Tales from the other side: Embedding English language literacy in discipline units
55 minute Workshop

Lee Partridge

Learning to do scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL): A taster of an online self-paced resource
Michelle Quail, K Robinson, K Holmes, P Allen & J Beilby
Evaluation of a virtual patient to train communication skills in health science
11.30-11.55 Boon Lay Ong
Cloud and mobile technology in transitioning students into Year 1 Architecture
Katharina Wolf, B Tombleson & L Gallant
Preparing tomorrow's industry leaders: An approach to leadership skills in communications
David Gozzard & Marjan Zadnik
Analysis of student responses and participation in observation diaries for astronomy
Paul Mercieca, Toni Dobinson & Sarah Kent
Crafting feedback on academic writing for students who have met English requirements
CKC Ng, S Maresse, R Thompson & A Graves
Framework for assessment of simulated learning environments in medical radiation science
12.00-12.25 Andrzej Gwizdalski
(When) will digital videos replace the written assignment?
Linda Riebe, Antonia Girardi & Craig Whitsed
Teaching teamwork skills in Australian higher education business disciplines
Natalia Carvalho
How can we improve second and third year students understanding of electromagnetism?
Sanna Peden
Tim Tam diplomacy: The role of LACE in building intercultural connections at UWA
55 minute Workshop

Dawn Bennett & Sonia Ferns

International students and the challenges of work placement: a workshop for academic staff
55 minute Workshop

Jeremy Lu

Using collaborative tools for student centric learning and critical thinking
D Dennis, A Furness, T Redwood, Leo Ng & D Sainsbury
Introducing simulation learning activities to musculo-skeletal physiotherapy
12.30-12.55 Toni Dobinson & Tetiana Bogachenko
ilectures (podcasts) as a learning tool in universities: Experiences at Curtin University
Megan Le Clus, Katie Turton & Alan Crake
Identifying the 'Big Five' teaching and learning issues in the School of Management, CBS
R Sheffield, S Blackley, R Walker, N Maynard & R Koul
The Makerspace: Linking science, mathematics, engineering and technology
Michael Stein
Implementation and features of international classrooms: A condensed course for visiting Chinese scholars
Megan Ellyard, Caitlin Wyrwoll & Katherine Sanders
Scientific inquiry in human reproductive biology through animal models
Lunch: Building 501, Level 2
HERDSA WA Annual General Meeting - Room 201
session 2
Room 101 Room 102 Room 116 Room 117/118 Room 201 Room 202 Room 218
Rob Phillips
Humanising online teaching
Jaci Mason & Pam McCrorie
Capstone principles: School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine
Denise Chalmers
Peer review of teaching: Who determines the process, criteria and standards?
55 minute Workshop

Ranjna Kapoor, Kristoffer K McKee, MJ O'Callaghan & R Karpe

Using origami to demonstrate effectiveness of the peer, self, tutor feedback cycle
Stella Tarrant & Laura D'Olimpio
Philosophy in the Gender and the Law classroom
David Gibson, Kathryn Coleman & Leah Irving
Badging learning journeys in higher education: Digital pathways for learning and assessment
2.30-2.55 Andrzej Gwizdalski
Designing successful blogging assignments
K Bathgate & H Fenton
Utilising SPARKPLUS for the assessment of capabilities of Health Science students
Kathryn Dixon & Sonja Kuzich
Enhancing quality learning in higher education through peer review of teaching
Miriam Sullivan
Gender biases in teacher evaluations
Kathryn Greenhill
SMART BHAGS: Reflective goal setting in assessment
3.00-3.25 Rebecca Walker, Janis Jansz & Joo Hwa Bay
Exploring the ergonomic factors in online students learning environments: A scholarship of TL project
T Kelly, T Redwood, A Furness, J Owens & L Ng
Authentic learning activities that guide students through the clinical reasoning process
Julianne Crowley, Arpana Dhar & Georgina Fyfe
Is co-teaching just load-sharing or opportunity for peer review?

Grady Venville
Meeting the challenge of a university-wide assessment policy in a comprehensive university
3.30-3.55Afternoon tea: Building 501, Level 2
session 3
Room 101 Room 102 Room 116 Room 117/118 Room 201 Room 202 Room 218
Sonia Ferns, L Russell, J Kay & J Smith
Student participation and progress: Capacity building for industry and community partners
Natalie Skead & Kate Offer
Learning law through a lens: Using visual media to support the development of communication skills
Melanie Baker & Jacqui Patten
Engaging the student to engage using an Interactive Learning Activity
55 minute Workshop

Sally Male, Caroline Baillie, P. Hancock, C. MacNish & J. Leggoe

Key strategies to enhance students' experiences of threshold capability development with intensive mode teaching

Sky Croeser
Addressing online harassment through feminist pedagogies
4.30-4.55 Katherine Ashe, Pip Munckton & Robyn Creagh
Architecture it grows: Reflections on a work integrated research and learning landscape
Ainslie Robinson & Jenny Jongste
All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten: IT competency from the cradle to the stave
Fiona O'Shea & Julie Hill
Increasing student participation rates in online pre-class activities: How big does your carrot need to be?
David Gibson, Tania Broadley & Jill Downie
Blended learning in a converged model of university transformation
Claire Mueller & Amanda Smith
Please 'like' me: Facilitating peer learning on Facebook
5.00-5.25 Denise D'Cruz & Kristy Goodchild
Engaging students with industry and community to enhance employability
Stephen Turner & Antonia Girardi
Using a holding environment to develop social intelligence in human resource management
Claire Morrisby, Annalise O'Callaghan & Helen Flavell
Flipped in first year: Are we ready for it?

Karen Miller & Lynne Vautier
Listening, Learning and Leading: Transforming Curtin students' library experience
B Tombleson, L Gallant, K Wolf, C Archer & Re Desai
Teaching millennials in a transmedia environment: Embedding technology
5.30Sundowner: The Balcony, Building 501, Level 3

Friday 29 January 2016

8.15-8.45Registration / Coffee/tea: Building 210 Elizabeth Jolly Lecture Theatre Foyer
8.45-9.55Plenary Session, Building 210 Elizabeth Jolly Lecture Theatre
Welcome to Day 2: Associate Professor Tania Broadley
Keynote Address: Professor Sally Kift - Tertiary educators as purveyors of fine learning: What have we learnt?
session 4
Room 101 Room 102 Room 116 Room 117/118 Room 201 Room 202 Room 218
Melissa Davis & Connie Price
Plagiarism is not a 'black and white' issue
L D Roberts, V Chang & D Gibson
Ethical considerations in adopting a university and system-wide approach to data and learning analytics
Abigail Lewis & Katrina Strampel
Intentionally designing employability across a course using e-portfolios
55 minute Workshop

Jenni Parker

Authentic online community of learning workshop
55 minute Workshop

Bridget Tombleson, Lydia Gallant & Katharina Wolf

Teaching the Gen Z and millennial tribe: From Twitter to Snapchat, Periscope and more, a Transmedia workshop
Rick Cummings, Heather Smigiel & Craig Whitsed
Rethinking effective teaching in higher education
10.30-10.55 Siri Barrett-Lennard
Ghost writing and ghost busting: Essay mills, assignment acquisition and contract cheating
Sam Field & David Gibson
Transforming Curtin's information technology with advanced analytics
Lauren Breen, Frank Baughman, M Blosfelds, N Gasson & L Roberts
Promoting student engagement and employability
Genevieve Simpson
Reflecting on the UWA Postgraduate Teaching Internship Scheme: Lessons learned and lessons worth learning
11.00-11.25Morning tea: Building 501, Level 2
session 5
Room 101 Room 102 Room 116 Room 117/118 Room 201 Room 202 Room 218
A Arulpragasam & M Davis
Benchmarking syllabus and assessment of an inter-professional first year human biology unit
Claire Hulcup
Engaging a diverse cohort: Strategies employed in a mathematics enabling unit
Narelle Patton
Visual spaces: Opening up possibilities to enhance practice-based education
55 minute Workshop

Clare Alderson, Ez Fewings & Sev Lee

Carpe Diem: Seize the day and transform learning

Philip Miolin
A/R/T/ography: Conflicting interests of artist, researcher and teacher in a simulated WIL environment
12.00-12.25 Jemma Berry
Teaching students the value of laboratory safety, both while studying and in the workforce
Geoff Coates
Short videos to support maths and stats learning
Philip Burcham
Taking pharmacology to the masses with e-learning tools and strategies
Sonia Ferns, K Zegwaard, N McRae, J Kay, K Hoskyn & K Johansson
Professional development for WIL practitioners
12.30-12.55 Vanessa Hayes
Use of QR Codes to enhance student preparation, participation and learning in Anatomy and Human Biology
Peter Allen, L Roberts, F Baughman, A Rock, D Van Rooy, N Loxton & J Finlay
StatHand: A mobile application supporting students
Hui Jun Chih & Claire Hulcup
Preparatory materials to facilitate fine learning and trans-tion of postgraduate coursework students

Shane Lavery & Anne Coffey
Service-learning: Promoting the develop-ment of graduate professional standards in pre-service teachers
1.00-1.55Lunch: Building 501, Level 2
session 6
Room 101 Room 102 Room 116 Room 117/118 Room 201 Room 202 Room 218
Alison Kelly, Mara Blosfelds, R Duggan & A Furness
Promoting quality assurance by benchmarking online units
Trevor Cullen & Ruth Callaghan
Local community engagement: that promotes better understanding of diseases
Kim Flintoff & Jennifer Howell
Considerations for teaching the transmedial learner
55 minute Workshop

Karen Miller, Matthew Robinson & Daniel Piczak

'All the things': Developing a Maker community in the academic library
Adam Nicol & Elaine Lopes
Mapping success: UWA's mature-age open access program
Linley Lord, A. Cotterell, K-J Lombard & C Gresham
Why can't we all just get along? Making group work meaningful
2.30-2.55 Linda Sheedy & Peter Green
Reading lists: A next generation solution
Anna Gadd
Two birds with one stone: Using Pecha Kucha presentations in the assessment and teaching of a Translation Studies unit
Stephanie Hampson
Enhancing the cultural capacity of staff and students in the creative arts
Ming Koh & K Lawson
How do students from the UniReady enabling course and those from a traditional pathway compare?
Courtney Babb
An integrated workshop program to develop students' skills in participatory urban planning
3.00-3.25 Christopher Fisher, Toni Hannelly & F Leaversuch
Applying excellence standards of online education to online learning
Glenn Anderson & Sarah Timbs
Assessing and developing English Language Proficiency: A pilot project at Curtin University Sydney
Jody Fenn
The Learning Design Canvas

Joanne Lisciandro & A Jones
It's all in the mindset: Enabling resilience in educationally disadvantaged learners
Diane Bunney
Facilitating the transition to postgraduate studies: Applying the lessons from the First Year Experience
3.30-3.45Afternoon tea: Building 501, Level 2
session 7
Room 101 Room 102 Room 116 Room 117/118 Room 201 Room 202 Room 218
Matthew Ambrose, Di Gardiner & David Gibson
Self-organising map analysis of university student retention
R. Nazim Khan
Attendance: The mismatch between academics and students. Who is right?

55 minute Workshop

Kristen Barker, Andrew Cotterell & Linley Lord

Bringing experience into the classroom: Facilitating experiential learning activities
55 minute Workshop

Andrzej Gwizdalski

Blog your way to digital mobility in teaching and learning
Kim Flintoff, Romana Martin & Tania Broadley
Pedagogy in creative disciplines: Considerations for learning space design
4.20-4.45 Kevin Chai & David Gibson
Predicting the risk of attrition for undergraduate students with time based modelling
Raphael Pereira, Peter Allen & Ross Marriott
Modelling the impact of UniPASS attendance on student performance and retention
Megan Paull, Craig Whitsed & A Girardi
Applying the Kirkpatrick model: Evaluating Interaction for Learning Framework
4.50-5.25Forum evaluation, prize draws and invitation to the 26th TLF 2017 at Curtin University

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