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Curtin Insights Community of Practice

The Curtin Insights Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of Curtin data practitioners who are passionate about applying data science and analytics to Curtin business data. Through regular knowledge-sharing forums and discussions, the CoP improves on best practices at Curtin and provides a conduit for new and novel Curtin data analytics applications and solutions.

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Analytics insights at Curtin

At Curtin we continually strive to improve and enhance our students' learning experiences and outcomes. The effort involves collecting and analysing data about learning methods, outcomes, retention rates and other vital components of the university experience, which enables us to draw conclusions and implement new strategies and mechanisms for continuous improvement. We call these conclusions analytics insights.

Already, the use of analytics insights at Curtin has delivered valuable information and helped to improve process and performances. This operational activity is distinct from data analytics research, which is promoted by the Curtin Institute for Computation.

Analytics insights are helping:

Students by:

  • Identifying students with risk of attrition, and addressing needs

Instructors by:

  • Identifying student performance clusters
  • Reflecting on content and its effectiveness
  • Providing research data for the scholarship of learning and teaching

Faculty leaders by:

  • Working with unit coordinators on course effectiveness
  • Identifying trends for benchmarking

Business area leaders by:

  • Optimising use of staff time and resources
  • Evaluating success in achieving KPIs

In the future, analytics insights will have the potential to help:

Students and faculties by:

  • Raising self-awareness via comparative information
  • Enhancing ability to reflect on learning
  • Engaging students in decision-making
  • Tracking in-demand skills and industries

Business area leaders by:

  • Adapting services to best serve the individual needs of staff and students
  • Monitoring for unusual trends and activity

To find out more or get involved, contact:

Simon Huband
Data Scientist, Curtin Learning and Teaching
(08) 9266 5652

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