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Curtin University

Assessment Quality - Standard 8

Blackboard Grade Centre (BbGC) is considered to be the official repository for assessment task results/marks during the study period.

Any change to a student's mark, excluding the initial entry of the mark, must be accompanied by a rationale for the change of mark. This rationale should be recorded in the 'Grading Notes' box shown in the Edit Grade Details area of the BbGC.

Grading Notes are not visible to students.

The table below gives common reasons requiring a change of mark. A brief note of the rationale is sufficient. In some cases the short name may be sufficient while in other cases the short name should be accompanied by a descriptive label (ie the type of admin error, type of moderation, type of appeal). For the application of penalies the description should clearly show the method for the calculation of the result after the penalty.

Short Name Description
Data entry error An error was made in transcribing the mark from the source document/system into BbGC
Admin error Errors in the determination of the mark or the processing of the mark for example: adding error, missed question, allocation of mark to students with similar name etc.
Late penalty A reduction in mark was applied as a result of the late submission of the work by the student
Academic misconduct penalty A reduction in mark was applied as determined by the outcome of the Student Discipline Panel in the case of an incident of plagiarism or other academic misconduct
Moderation A change in mark was required as a result of an intra-marking or post-marking moderation activity. This may include consensus activities, or second-marking of a sample of student work (near grade boundaries, borderline pass, outliers, random sample), or analysis of variance between markers or locations.
Appeal The change of mark occurred as a result of either an informal or formal assessment appeal

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