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Course Accreditation 2018 Archive

This website captures the relevant information related to the accreditation of courses and majors at Curtin including the status of the accreditation, critical timelines, and evidence of the accreditation status.

Please choose a Faculty to view a regularly updated list of all school-related professional accreditations for that Faculty:

Accreditation refers to the official recognition and endorsement of a course (or study package) by a regulatory body or industry association. Accreditation typically involves a review of course documents and curriculum, whereby academic quality and standards are checked and verified against state/territory or nationally established competency standards for a specific industry/profession. Course Accreditation status is confirmed by the relevant accreditation body.

Note: Course professional recognition or membership of professional bodies is not included in this website.

To update your course accreditiation information, please contact:

Professor Craig Zimitat
Director Course Quality
Curtin Learning and Teaching

Ph: +618 9266 5843

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