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Curtin University

Training and Resources

Resources such as User Manuals and Systems Administrator Manuals will be made available through this website when they are available.

Akari User Guide

The Akari User Guide is a comprehensive guide for all Akari users with step-by-step instructions for many of the in-system activities. It is designed for staff who create and edit drafts, as well as those who review and approve the study packages.

The following training and support materials are available on this site:

Akari Administrator Guide

The Akari Administrator Guide is designed for staff from Curtin Learning and Teaching and Student Services, who have been granted administrator access to Akari. Administrative staff in the faculties and schools are not considered Akari Administrators, and should access training and support materials for curriculum creators.

Staff from Courses Management, Course Review, Curtin X, Flexible Learning Support and the Assessment teams in Curtin Learning and Teaching, and the Course Administration Team in Student Services have all been granted Administrator access. Other teams should request access through their manager or team leader to Megan Jenkinson in Student Services and Craig Zimitat in Curtin Learning and Teaching.

Contact Akari Systems Administration for a copy of the Akari Administrator Guide.

Other Support Materials

Other support materials are being prepared and will be made available through this website.


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